Kung Fu season 2: Everything you need to know

Mostly, when an old show gets a reboot, it always ends with people bashing the director and writers because it is almost always a letdown. The same is not the case with Kung fu. During an interview with Digital Spy, the star Tzi Ma explained how the old ‘70s show (led by a white male) is going to “reclaim that narrative”. Turns out, he was on point. The reimagining of the Kung Fu franchise from CW’s perspective surpasses the Asian American experience and puts it front and center in ways that are all too rarely seen on television. Additionally, this fresh rebranding is attracting new viewers as well! Kung Fu premiered to a record-breaking 1.4 million viewers, and it maintained that audience for the second episode. In fact, Kung Fu has been The CW‘s most popular Wednesday night show for the past seven years, so it was only a matter of time before it was extended for Kung Fu season 2.

So now that the series has finally been green-lit after years of waiting, fans are excited to know more. When will the second season air? What will be its plot? Will it feature the same cast? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Kung Fu season 2. 

Kung Fu season 2 release date: When will it return?

The producers of the series have officially renewed Kung Fu for a second season. CEO Mark Pedowirz also released the following statement to confirm the arrival of the second season. 

“We are beyond proud to continue to share the stories of Nicky Shen and Courtney Whitmore, two strong, powerful young women at the center of this new generation of hit shows for The CW in Kung Fu and DC’s Stargirl.”

Kung Fu fans may have noticed that season two was not included in The CW’s schedule for the autumn and winter 2021/22 season. But don’t be concerned! Season one premiered in the spring, so season two is almost certain to follow suit. 

New episodes of Kung Fu should air in March or April 2022, assuming everything goes according to plan. 

Kung Fu season 2 cast: Who will be in it?

Assume that all of the following cast members will return in season two, provided nothing unexpected happens behind the scenes:

  • Tzi Ma as Jin Shen
  • Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen
  • Gavin Stenhouse as Evan Hartley
  • Vanessa Kai as Pei-Ling Zhang
  • Kheng Hua Tan as Mei-Li Shen
  • Eddie Liu as Henry Yan
  • Tony Chung as Dennis Soong
  • Shannon Dang as Althea Shen
  • Jon Prasida as Ryan Shen

In an interview with Deadline, co-showrunner Robert Berens elaborated on the surprising new characters introduced at the end of season one.

He said that he thinks it’s going to be a thrilling reboot including the same characters and plot. “As for the warriors and guardians mythology, we’ll see how that plays out with Nicky’s cousin, who she didn’t know about – who we teased at the end of the finale.

“Her aunt’s daughter, as Mr. Tan said, is the progeny of a warrior and a guardian. What does that mean? That there is someone who has basically fused these Two mystical bloodlines. So, I think we’re setting up a very interesting foil for Nicky in season two.”

Kung Fu season 2 plot: What will the second season be about?

Nicky sent the energy back into the soil at the end of Season One, bringing the mystical weapons quest to a close. Has she gained any new abilities as a result of the battle? It’s difficult to say for sure, but Nicky has changed in some way. Zhilan is also in prison, but that doesn’t mean she’s permanently out of the picture.

So, what are the ramifications of all of this for Season 2? Olivia Liang spoke to Entertainment Tonight regarding the show’s future.

Kung Fu season 2

She stated that it appears that biange has followed [Nicky] to San Francisco, and as a result, mythology and magic have reached San Francisco, where her family resides. Because the Shens are part of this bloodline, I believe we can anticipate them to become even more active in Nicky’s work than they already are.

“Maybe Baba and Mama can get involved, [I’m] not really sure, but that’s kind of what I hope would happen.”

In general, it appears that Nicky and Henry will continue to grow their relationship outside of the library in the future. Finally, they can take a break from studying ancient literature and go on a few genuine dates. This suggests that in season two, we’ll certainly see more of Henry’s personal life.

The ensemble cast of this program is well-balanced, so things will continue to evolve now, following Ryan’s separation and Althea’s NDA issue from the end of season one.

Trailer: When can we see a promo?

Season two of Kung Fu has yet to begin filming, so fresh footage should come early next year in preparation for the spring release.


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