Kingdom Season 3: When Is it Coming Out? Cast, Plot & Everything Else

It is popularly believed that people would give up anything for immortality and the upcoming season of the infamous Korean drama Kingdom is an accurate depiction of this. The Kingdom season 3 takes the cost one has to pay for immortality to a whole new level.

Based on a South Korean political period, the Kingdom is a zombie horror series that has been pretty popular. It sojourns medieval times and is inspired by the book ‘The Kingdom of Gods’ by Kim Eun-Hee. Eun-Hee also wrote the script of these series.

However, when a special new episode, “Ashin of North“ of Kingdom, came out on 23rd July on Netflix. Fans can’t hide their excitement as they’re hoping for season 3 soon. 

So, to give you some sneak peek into the current status of Kingdom season 3, we have put forth some information. So, continue reading and know all about it!

Kingdom season 3 Release Date: When is the Show Expected to Release?

Sadly, there’s no official update regarding the release of kingdom season 3. The series hasn’t got any official renewal from the streaming giant yet. So, to date, there’s no news regarding the release date of Kingdom season 3.

But don’t be sad; we are still hoping to see Kingdom season 3 soon. How? Let’s get our facts straight. First, you must be aware that season 1 of Kingdom aired in 2019, and after one year in 2020, we got to season 2. So, on this basis, we can say that we can hope to see Kingdom season 3 somewhere by the latter half of 2021 or in early 2022.

Kingdom Season 3


If you have already watched the last two seasons of the franchise, you must be aware that many cast members are already dead. So, we won’t be seeing them anymore. Other cast members that are definitely going to make a come back include:

  • Ju Ji Hoon will be playing the role of Prince Chang
  • Bae Doon will portray Seo-bi
  • Kim Sung Kyu as Yeong Shin
  • Jun Ji Hyun as Ashin


As the franchise has not yet officially got a renewal form, there’s currently no news regarding season 3. However, according to a recent interview of the screenwriter Kim Eun-hee we are clear that there are many more seasons of Kingdom going to come. 

As she said, “there is so much more to explore and tell in the Kingdom, and if the fans allow me to, I’ll love to make it up to season 10 even.” She further adds that the upcoming special episode is definitely going to be a stepping stone for the future seasons to come.

So, by the wordings of the screenwriter, we now know for sure that kingdom season 3 will be a sequel to this special episode. So, if you haven’t seen Ashin of the North yet, watch it immediately.

Kingdon Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, as the production for kingdom season 3 hasn’t begun, there are no clips, trailers, or footage available.

But fret not, keep on following our blog, and as soon as we hear something, we’ll update you right here!

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