Karen 2021- Everything we Know so Far

Starring Taryn Manning, Karen 2021 is a forthcoming dark comedy thriller movie that is going to make its debut in 2021. It tackles issues like racism, jealousy, and superiority complex. The plot is unique and thrilling, the cast is absolutely amazing and we are sure the production will be nothing less than perfection. So when will this thrilling new movie release? What will be its plot? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Karen 2021 including the movie’s release date, plot, and cast. 

Karen 2021 Release Date

Karen is being directed by Coke Daniels with BET Original Movies owning publishing rights. Filming for the movie began in December 2020 and as of February 2021, it is complete. Now, only post-production editing needs to be done along with adding some final touches. Hence, fans should gear up because Karen 2021 will be coming to their screens sooner than they expect!

Karen 2021

The producers have revealed the official release date of Karen 2021. It will be debuting on Friday, September 3, 2021! The movie will be a part of BET’s “Summer of Chills” which is a programming event of 5 weeks. Around 5 of BET’s original movies including Always and Forever and Twice Bitten will be a part of this program. 


The cast of Karen 2021 consists of the following actors:

  • Taryn Manning- Karen 
  • Gregory Alan Williams- Charles Wright
  • Brandon Sklenar- Officer Hill
  • Jasmine Burke- Imani
  • Cory Hardrict- Malik
  • Mary Christina Brown- Jan
  • Dawn Halfkenny- Officer Thicke
  • Duane Finley- Security Tech
  • Reece Odum- Officer Smith
  • Veronica Bozeman- Fatima
  • Betsy Landin- Lily
  • Jaxon McHan- Kyle
  • Roger Dorman- Officer Mike Wind
  • Lorenzo Cromwell- Justice
  • Hunter Bodine- Ted
  • Ava Ann Gale- Miranda Wind
  • Norah Elin Murphy- Sarah


Karen is quite a popular term used by people online. It refers to snooty white women who love to look down upon every and any person of color. They’re racist, dumb, and overall just annoying human beings. The movie Karen also deals with a woman named Karen who is definitely a Karen! When a kind black couple moves into the house next to hers, she is determined to make them leave no matter what happens. From embarrassing them in restaurants to complaining about them to the manager,  Karen tries her best to make their lives miserable. She even takes it upon herself to threaten her neighbors with weapons! Moreover, her shady cop brother also assists her in making life miserable for Malik and Imani, the black neighbors. So will Karen and her brother be successful in getting their black neighbors to leave? Or will they learn to co-exist with them?

Karen 2021

The official synopsis of Karen reads

“A racist woman takes it as a personal mission to displace the new Black family that just moved into the neighborhood, but they won’t back down without a fight.” 

Karen 2021 Trailer

BET has released an official trailer for Karen 2021. It aired in June 2021 and is available for viewing on Netflix. The trailer introduces us to the movie’s characters while also giving fans a sneak peek of what’s coming their way. It shows us Karen’s evil racist nature and the extent to which she is willing to go! In one of the scenes, we also see her holding a gun! All in all, the trailer promises lots of action, scheming, and plot twists.

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