Jotla JE-70 Pakistan’s First Electric Bike Specs, Price, and Reviews

Jolta JE-70 electric bike is the first e-bike in Pakistan. Last week the Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated Pakistan’s first approved locally assembled electric bike. The inauguration of the E bike is part of the attempt by the government to preserve green within the country. He also talked about the government revising master plans of cities within the county to protect green areas and provide better civic amenities.

The E-Bike launched by the Prime Minister is manufactured by the Pakistani company Jolta Electric and is considered a significant step towards electrifying the country’s automobile industry.

Jolta Electric Bike JE-70 Specs

The E-bike is similar to the standard bikes available and comes in three variants – E70, E100, and E125. These bikes are fule-free, noiseless, and pollution-free. There is no mechanical engine. It, therefore, needs no petrol, no oil and no tuning.

The motor within these bikes is 48v,1500W to 72v,5000W respectively and the RPM of these motors is sai to 550-800. Apart from that, the motor current ranges from 1.2-1.4A, 1.5-1.8A, and 2.2-4 A, respectively.

The bike’s charging time is 5, 6, or 7-8 hours, depending on the variant you have bought. And at a full charge, its battery time allows traveling of 50km, 70km, or 80 km, again depending upon the variant you have bought. The battery power is 20Ah, and it is a Lead Acid Battery. There are no manual clutches and gear, and the bike runs in ECO Mode.

The bikes come in the backbone type framework and have a seat height of 771mm, while the wheelbase is 1215mm. The weight of these bikes is 70kg, 72kg, and 93 kg, respectively.

Jolta Electric Bike JE-70 Price

The bike is so far available in three colors Red, Black, and Pink. While it may seem that the bike would be inarguably expensive, the Prime Minister of Pakistan promised to have an affordable price range so that most of the population can avail its use. The released price range is 82500 PKR which is fair enough for an electric bike.

Jolta is an international company working in collaboration with a Hong-Kong based company. It now plans to invest $10 million in Pakistan with two phases: setting up an assemble to produce e cars and then shuttle busses. It is expected that the second variant of the Jolta electric Bike, E70, will be offered at an expected price of 35000 to 40,000 PKR.

Jolta JE-70 Electric Bike Reviews

Since it is still primarily in its marketing phase, not many reviews are yet available. Among the handful of people who have tried this bike, it is very impressive and provides a comfortable drive.

The recorded top speed provided by Jolta E-bikes is 50km/hr to 70 km/hr, and the cost for electricity per unit varies from Rs 15-Rs 32. From upfront, it seems cost-effective and an ECO-friendly introduction to traveling.


Jolta JE- 70 E-bike is an exciting new achievement in the Pakistan automobile industry. Such initiatives can help massively decrease pollution and ease conveyance for everyone while

effectively cutting out the grueling petrol costs.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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