JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6- All you Need to Know

Finally, we got some good news for JoJo fans as they can now rejoice in a new part of the series. They will be getting what they asked for, JoJo’s Bizarre adventures part 6.

As we all know that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is an anime series based on the manga of the same name. Moreover, Hirihiko Araki, the author of the manga, has plans on writing more parts, much to the delight of JoJo fans. Part 6 of the series will be an adaption of part 6 of the manga, namely Stone Ocean.

Similarly, Part 5 of the series, “Golden Wind” came out in 2018. But that was almost 3 years ago, so the excitement and eagerness of JoJo fans are somewhat genuine. However, currently, the new season is still in the filming phase and will take some time to complete, but we expect the best from the producers. And just like every other part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, there is bound to be a new protagonist in this part too. 

So, without revealing too much let’s talk about everything we know about the upcoming show so far!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part 6: Release Date

Well, much to the delight of fans, a recent announcement made it official that Part 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures would be releasing in December 2021. 

Yes, my friends, you heard us right, the new season is coming out by the end of this year. Unbelievably, the release of the series is that close. And we will finally see a new season of JoJo to be the end of this year.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6

The new season will be available on Netflix in December this year but the weekly televising of the season will begin from January 2022 in Japan. But the total number of episodes for this season is still a secret!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures part 6 – Trailer

Yes, a trailer for the upcoming season is available and you can see it here. The trailer came out on 8th August.

JoJo fans were actually surprised to see a trailer showing a lot of new visuals. 

The focus of this trailer was to tell us about this season’s main character, Jolyne Cujoh. The trailer starts by showing a crime scene where the main character is present. Then it shifts to a courthouse where the main character is given the sentence of 15 years in jail. The rest of the trailer shows Jolyne and other characters in the season in different visuals. At a certain point in jail, Jolyne gains the power of The Strand.  And they believe that she has mastered the powers of her very own Strand, which foes by the name Strand Free. 

Likewise, the trailers tell us a lot about how this season is going to play out. We can expect most of the season to take place in the maximum-security prison in which Jolyne is. Furthermore, a new and mysterious power will be discovered and we will get to see the full extent of it as the season progresses.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 6 – Cast & Voices

Just like we saw in the previous seasons, there will be new characters in this season too. Also, they may be season permeant or just have short parts, but, surely, we’ll see a bunch of new characters throughout the season.

Some of the new character and their corresponding voice actors are:

  • Bruno Bucciarati is voiced by Ray Chase. 
  • Leone Abbacchio is voiced by Mick Lauer.
  • Guido Mista is voiced by Sean Chiplock.
  • Giorna Giovanna is voiced by Philips Reich.
  • Trish Una is voiced by Lizzie Freeman.


Season 6 of JoJo’s Bizarre adventures will shine light upon the various exploits of the Joe family. We witness in the trailer that Jolyne Cujoh is innocent of the murder charge against her. The season will most likely revolve around Jolyne trying to prove her innocence. Someone is framing Jolyne for murder. And if you saw season 5 you will know that there was an attempt to murder her.

Well, we just cannot wait for JoJo’s new season to arrive. The previous seasons were so good that we just wanted more. But sadly all we can do now is wait till December.


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