Isekai Quartet: Another World – What We Know So Far

The protagonist Isekai, who normally relies on a light novel or manga, is popular among animation lovers, and the city of Kadokawa is a big part of that valuable pie. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing in this Wondrous World, the Rising of the Shield Hero, Overlord, and Re: Zero -Starting Life on Another World are among the company’s biggest successes. In 2019 the enterprise developed Isekai Quartet, an animated series combining and humorously placing the stars of the company’s isekai products in another world. Maybe in 2020, the series will end its second season, but this is not done, since Kadokawa presented a new film with the title of the series Isekai Quartet: Another World.

Thanks to the results of anime productions, Kadokawa has achieved tremendous success. The corporation did not lose this fact, because its recent financial report disclosed its plans to generate 40 titles a year. This is because, whereas many other animation studios and manga publishing are affected by the epidemic, the company has made a profit in 2020. The success of Kadokawa in anime is undoubtedly linked to its amazing output in the isekai genre of anime projects.

Release Date 

The good news is that Isekai Quartet: Another World has revealed its official release date for the Japanese Cinema. It will be released in 2022 for Japanese fans. But we do not know an actual month or a proper date yet.

It is difficult to identify exactly when the movie will debut in 2022 though. Because Kadokawa is aiming to publish numerous anime productions within a year. But since it may be a huge project, the film’s debut is certainly a high priority and might probably lead to a release in the first half of 2022. There is no official release date at all for overseas fans.

Isekai Quartet: Another World

However, as the movie is approaching a certain premiere date, it’s undoubtedly the time to unveil preparations for a worldwide release. Crunchyroll is anticipated to play a role in worldwide cinema streaming. After all, it also has the Isekai Quartet for the first two seasons. Besides this, we don’t know when the movie will be available for people outside of Japan. But, as soon as we find out any more detail. We will share it with you.

Isekai Quartet: Another World Cast

It is almost best to ask, Who is not in Isekai Quartet: Another World? Many characters from the series are present in the short trailer of the next film. The film will include the main characters from Re: zero starts life in another world, KonoSuba, Saga of Tanya The Evil, Shield hero, and Precautious hero: The hero is overpowered, but overcautious. It includes the following:

Ainz Ooal Gown – Overlord,

Kazuma Satou – KonoSuba,

Tanya von Degurechaff – The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The plot of Isekai Quartet: Another World

For Isekai Quartet: Another World there is no official plot. However, given the title, it seems that the cast could enter another parallel world. Much as they did in the anime series. KonoSuba, Overlord, Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. The idea of a parallel world was the main feature of the series. They were all pushing a button in the various worlds and transportation to another world that brings them all together and places them in high school. Finally, as the story continues in the second season, the cast grows and viewers get to witness new events.

Our actors may transport to a university for a movie instead of high school. Or maybe in each other’s universes they can crash and explore. We certainly can expect some of the same comedy escapades in the anime series in the film. Isekai Quartet is a playful take on a genre. And a group of people who can take themselves seriously at times. Isekai Quartet: Another World may present its cast a fresh challenge by placing it in another world. But the film will always be laughable.

Isekai Quartet: Another World Trailer

The trailer has been released. And you can watch the teaser trailer on youtube. It’s a treat to your eyes.


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