Is Justin Roiland Fired and The Truth Behind the Rumors of the Co-creator and Voice Actor of Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland fired from Rick and Morty amidst all the allegations he has been accused of. Adult Swim’s megahit animated series, Rick and Morty, have been one of the biggest shows the world has ever seen. Justin has been a major part of the adult animated series from day one. He was the co-creator of the series with Dan Harmon and also the voice actor for both Rick and Morty.

The crazy duo of grandpa Rick and grandson Morty has traveled through the multiverse to continue their weird adventures on different planets and universes. The news of Justin Roiland fired was a shock for the fans since it did put the future of the show in question. All these years, the show has won widespread acclaim, high ratings, and love from fans. But will “Justin Roiland fired” news affect the upcoming plan of the show?

A lot of changes are about to take place post the firing incident. Justin Roiland was fired after the details about his personal life came to the mainstream media. So, what were the allegations that led him to lose the show that was his creation?

Why Is Justin Roiland Fired?

Justin Roiland fired by Warner Bros Discovery band on 25th January after domestic violence allegations were filed against him earlier this month. Though he was the executive producer, co-creator and voiced the show’s central characters, Adult Swim released an official statement about ending its association with Justin. The post stated that Justin Roiland fired and clarified that the show would continue for season 7. However, Roiland will not be a part of the team anymore.

Justin Roiland fired news came after he was charged with one count of a felony of domestic battery with corporal injury. Orange County District Attorney’s office also issues one count of a felony for false imprisonment done with the means of violence, menace, fraud, and/or deceit. As a matter of fact, the news of Justin Roiland being fired was put in place because of a January 2020 incident.

Is Justin Roiland Fired and The Truth Behind the Rumors of the Co-creator and Voice Actor of Rick and Morty
Is Justin Roiland Fired and The Truth Behind the Rumors of the Co-creator and Voice Actor of Rick and Morty

Jane Doe, dating Justin then, filed a complaint in May 2020. Later in October 2020, Justin pleaded not guilty. The case has been semi-sealed until now, so the decision to “Justin Roiland fired” didn’t come early. On 12th January 2023, there was a hearing, and Justin did request another hearing on 27th April 2023.

Currently, the details about the trial date are yet to be out. But it seems like “Justin Roiland fired” is only the beginning of what is waiting for him. If proven guilty, Justin will have to face up to seven years or somewhere around that in prison. The creator is fighting hard, and his attorney maintains that his client is innocent. The attorney also said they are waiting for the District Attorney’s office to review the evidence. They are sure the case will be dismissed after the team analyses the evidence. There is more time to find out the truth. But Justin Roiland fired news is already a reality!

Rick and Morty Is Going To Recast To Replace Justin Roiland

Justin Roiland fired is creating a massive mess for the showrunners and other crew members. As we know, Justin has been behind the titular roles of Rick and Morty. So, after throwing him out of the show, they need to look for a voice actor who can do the job as great as Justin. After Justin Roiland fired, the news took over the internet, and fans got to know that Dan Harmon would now be the sole showrunner of the series. The name of the voice actor who will replace Justin is not out.

But in 2018, the show received a massive 70-episode order. Adult Swim signed a long-term deal with both creators after the show’s incredible success. Thus, Justin Roiland fired news must not affect the show because it has been renewed until season 10. Since the last season was season 6, four more are left.

Rick and Morty Is Going To Recast To Replace Justin Roiland
Rick and Morty Is Going To Recast To Replace Justin Roiland

Moreover, Rick and Morty is not the only show that Justin lost. Justin Roiland fired news also came after Hulu cut ties with him. He was a co-creator and voice actor of Hulu’s animated series Opposites and also a performer for Koala Man. The news of Justin Roiland fired from these shows is not official yet, but the news on it will come soon.

The serious allegations of the showrunner are now destroying his career. Justin Roiland fired, and his future is now in serious question. So, the audience is only waiting for the upcoming court hearing.


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