Hurricane Henri Tropical Storm on Track to Hit Long Island

New England and Long Island have been considered relatively hurricane safe zones for the past 30 years. However, a deadly hurricane is making its way towards these states. And authorities are panicking. The hurricane, called Henri, was initially a tropical storm. Unfortunately, its winds have increased rapidly to more than 75 miles per hour! Hence, it has now been classified as a Category 1 hurricane. The Hurricane Henri Tropical Storm is expected to hit portions of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Long Island by Sunday.

Past Hurricane History

The news of an incoming hurricane is quite surprising for the residents of Long Island. After all, they have not experienced one for the longest time. The last hurricane to hit this state was way back in 1985. It was called Gloria and did some detrimental damage. New England did get hit by a hurricane called Bob more recently in 1991. It caused the death of at least 12 people. It also destroyed several houses due to severe flooding. 

When will Hurricane Henri Tropical Storm Hit? 

Hurricane Henri was expected to show its signs late Saturday.  Destructive winds, heavy rain, and deadly storm surges were predicted to hit the states of Long Island and Connecticut. The hurricane is also predicted to bring about heavy rainfall which is over 6 inches over New England. Some other coastal areas have also been given five feet high storm surges warnings. This is going to be extremely detrimental for the areas. This is because massive flooding will ruin houses and destroy property. For comparison, only two feet of storm surges are required for generating floods. Those are strong enough to float vehicles. Almost 5 million people are at risk of loss of life and property due to this hurricane.

hurricane henri tropical storm

The hurricane will hit the state of Long Island. As well as southern New England at a speed of more than 17 m.p.h. The National Hurricane Center has said the following:

 “ Although some weakening is expected prior to landfall on Sunday, Henri is forecast to be at or near hurricane strength when it reaches the coasts of Long Island and southern New England.” 

Warnings and Preparations for Hurricane Henri Tropical Storm

The Hurricane Center has issued an immediate warning for areas under risk that reads: 

“Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.” 

Furthermore, Long Island’s Suffolk County executive, Steven Bellone, has issued a permit for immediate evacuation from Fire Island for voluntary people. The state’s power company PSEG has warned people about the risk of power failures. These power cuts can last from seven to ten days. This depends on the severity of the storm. 

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has warned residents and tourists in Cape Cod. He has asked them to evacuate the area before Sunday. This is to avoid loss of life as the storm hits the city with full force. 

What has caused Hurricane Henri?

Hurricane Henri and several other hurricanes are caused due to global warming and climate change. This results in water vapor in the warmer air to cause hurricanes to become wetter and more dangerous. This is because increased water vapor produces far more rain and leads to higher storm surges. 

Hence the warming of the planet is leading to more deadly hurricanes. Although hurricanes are decreasing in number. They are increasing in strength which is worse!

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.

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