Valheim Dragon Egg: Epic Ways to Use Dragon Egg in Valheim

While completing your Viking Journey in Valheim to kill Odin’s foes to bring back order to the kingdom of Velheim, you’ll need to create, fight, and endure. Apart from all this, you will find and solve various mysteries such as Dragon Eggs. However, Valheim Dragon Egg is laboriously discovered item, and they can’t be crafted into anything.

What are the uses of Valheim Dragon Egg?

These eggs are commonly found in the mountains of biomes. This area always remains covered with snow and giant nests of dragons and their eggs. Eggs are bulky, tedious to carry during your journey; these are available in three colours, i.e., red and purple, scaled, and glittering. If you are a casual gamer, then Valheim dragon eggs won’t be handy if you want to make any weapon, tool, or building. Although, you can use them to summon hidden bosses of Valheim.

Valheim Dragon Egg: Epic Ways to Use Dragon Egg in Valheim

How to Summon Hidden Bosses of Valheim?

Currently, there are only four bosses; Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass, and Moder. You can quickly summon any of theme by using the right items at the right place. Among all these four, Moder is the secret boss of the Mountain Biome. Moder is actually a wyvern with black scales and white fur. To summon this airborne peril, players need to discover it’s altar and lay Dragon Eggs on it.

You must bear the fact in your mind that currently, the game is obtainable through Steam for PC on early access basis. Hence, the ways to summon bosses might change with the time. Though, right now, you need three Dragon Eggs to call Moder to show up and fight. The Valheim dragon eggs weigh almost 200.0. Therefore you’ll need to go on multiple trips else you can ask other players to help you in transferring all three to the altar.

The developers haven’t mentioned any specific location for the altar in the game, but it looks like a round table made up of stone.

Defeat the Wyvern Aka Moder

To defeat it, you don’t need any particular skill. You can kill it like all other common drake enemies of the mountains, but the difficulty of Moder is a little bit increased. Throughout the battle, he uses two attacking strategies: in-flight and grounded.

Nevertheless, wyvern will rotate between the two. While flying, Moder will use a projectile that will go into ice on the battlefield. This boss will use freezing breaths to slow down the player’s movement for the next 15 seconds on the ground. Apart from this, it will also use its claws for melee attacks when grounded.

Valheim Dragon Egg: Epic Ways to Use Dragon Egg in Valheim

The best strategy to fight against him is to create a multiplayer session to spawn him using the required items. When it shows up, one player can draw its attacks. Meanwhile, others can continue to attack. Before starting the battle, it is recommended that you should forge some lethal weapons to deal with the damage, and don’t forget to get some good armours.