Subnautica Stalker Teeth: Easiest Ways to Get It

In the viral adventure game Subnautica, players need to survive the harsh underwater depths of a foreign world. The alien planet 4546B is filled with all sorts of perils and threats, and players must craft their own equipment and scavenge the ocean to find supplies to survive. One such important resource is Subnautica stalker teeth, with loads of uses but is not easy to locate. However, you can easily use the simple tips and tricks given in this guide to get your hands on these useful goodies.

Subnautica Stalker Teeth: Easiest Ways to Get It

What are Stalker Teeth?

In Subnautica, there is a special fauna specie called Stalkers that is known for its aggressive behaviour. Stalkers are available close to the Safe Shallows, where they are usually chasing other small fauna. When they pick up an object, they drop their special stalker teeth, which you can then pick up and use in several different ways.

How to Get Subnautica Stalker Teeth?

The best way to get Stalker Teeth is by going to the Safe Shallows where Stalkers are present and dropping a few titanium or metal salvages near its hideout to lure it out. You can find these salvages around the starting area, shipwrecks and mobile vehicle’s bay locations. When the Stalker comes out to pick up the salvage, it will most likely drop a tooth. You can also place two or three piles of metal salvages close to each other, which will cause the Stalker to move back and forth between them indefinitely. This will increase the chances of a tooth dropping from its mouth.

Subnautica Stalker Teeth

Alternatively, you can use any of the methods given below to get your hands on some Stalker teeth.

  • Using a Grav Trap to hold the Stalker near the salvage will result in several tooth drops. Collect the teeth as they fall off! 
  • You can place a camera drone close to the Stalker. This will aggravate it and cause it to slam into the machine and lose teeth.
  • You can also use a sea moth to crash into the Stalker. By repeating this action a few times, you can get a tooth as a reward. 
  • Additionally, you can also attack the monster using a Prawn suit or a propulsion cannon (load an object into the cannon and shoot it at the Stalker). This, too, will result in a tooth dropping as a reward. However, you may end up killing the monster. And after killing it, you will have to find a new one to get more teeth.

Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind that the game limits the number of Stalker Teeth present in an area. Thus, you must search for the teeth that have already fallen off and pick them up to cause more teeth to fall off. You can use a scanner room to help you find these teeth. 

How to know if the Stalker has dropped a tooth? 

You will hear a loud cracking sound when the monster drops a tooth. However, the hearing range in only a -50 meter radius must be close enough to hear it. 

Are Teeth easy to Spot?

If you did not hear the sound, you probably would have a tough time finding the stalker teeth on your own (without the aid of a scanner room) as they are the same colour as the sandy sea-floors. The underwater grass further camouflages them and makes spotting them harder. 

How to spot Stalker Teeth?

One good method to spot them is to wait for the night to fall. Then, in the dark, use a flashlight to explore the sea bed as the teeth will cause a  dark shadow to appear on the ground near them. 

Uses of Stalker Teeth

Stalker teeth are used to make an enamelled glass which can then be used to construct cyclops, prawn suits and observatories. All of these are extremely important to survive and progress in the game. 

Additionally, Subnautica Stalker Teeth can also be used as bioreactor energy to power battery chargers and power cell chargers.



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