How to Catch Regirock In Pokémon Crown Tundra?

Regirock Pokémon Crown Tundra is one of the legendary titans. It is a large golem made up of brown rocks and was introduced to the game for the first time in Generation 3. To help you to know how to catch Regirock In Pokémon Crown Tundra, we have compiled a list of steps which has been given below.

Must-Follow the Steps in Sequence to Know How to Catch Regirock In Pokémon Crown Tundra

Step 1- Finding the temple where Regirock lies

The temple of Regirock (Rock Peak Ruins) is located far into the Giant’s bed area in the Crown Tundra. To reach it, go to the far eastern part of the area. Remember to go from the route which has the Old Graveyard. Keep walking until you reach the river. Now instead of crossing the river, take your left. This path will be thin with high grass. Finally, the path will end with a Yellow Brong Temple situated on the back wall.

Step 2- Solving the Puzzle

After finding the temple, you’ll need to enter it. To get inside, you have to solve the puzzle at the door. The puzzle is,” Let the first Pokémon hold a never-changing stone.”

The never-changing stone in the puzzle is an Everstone. This everstone has to be given to the first Pokémon. Furthermore, if you do not have an everstone, you can get it from the Turrfield by going at the back of the poke-centre where there be an everstone (as hidden item) gleaming on rocks.

Once the first Pokémon has an everstone, interact with the door of Regirock’s temple. This time the door will open for you to enter. Players can take back the everstone which they gave to the Pokémon when the door was opened.

In addition to this, if that Pokémon was holding an item that would help him in his battle against Regirock, give it back to him. This is because you want to make sure that the Pokémon has everything to fight with the legendary titan.

Step 3- Challenging Regirock for a Battle

Once you have entered the temple, you will see circular pads arranged in a certain way on the floor. Walk on the pads in any order to light them up. Additionally, the statue in the room will also light up once all the circular pads have lit up.

How to catch Regirock In Pokémon Crown Tundra?

Now, you can go and interact with the statue to challenge Regirock for a battle. One small tip that all of you should follow is to save your game before interacting with the statue. The main purpose of doing this is that if you lose the battle and want to give it another shot, you can restart the game from the part that you last saved (in this case before interacting with statue).

How to catch Regirock In Pokémon Crown Tundra?

Step 4- Capturing Regirock

Regirock is not an ordinary Pokémon. He is a legendary Pokémon with a high 70 level. This means capturing him is going to be exceptionally difficult if you don’t know How to catch Regirock In Pokémon Crown Tundra.
Thus, in your battle against him, remember to take a catcher Pokémon in your party. It is advisable to take a catcher Pokémon that has high attack stats and one status effect such as hypnosis.

You will probably lose the battle a couple of times by Regirock before actually capturing him.

Once you get the Regirock, you can move ahead in the game and capture other legendary Pokémons such as Regice.

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