How the Marvel Movies Evolved?

Being a MUC fan here is something you need to know about Marvel and all its movies. Have you watched it all? If not then you definitely should start. As we all know that The Avengers: Endgame had opened all-new possibilities in MCU, but has also brought an entire series going on for a decade to an end.

Since Iron Man got hit in 2008 it become a part of the journey till Avengers: Endgame. If you are having any second thoughts yet let me tell you, Is it worth it? Definitely, it is! So to all the MArvel fans and to the ones who are not yet( but going to be soon) let’s talk Marvel!

If we watch the entire series starting from 2008 there are so many changes marvel has gone through and given us some beautiful movies to remember. The MArvel in 2008 is completely different from the MArvel.

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Starting from studios to giving us some best characters for life MArvel has never failed to evolve into something better and bigger.  MCU has kept creating and bringing on some brainstorming ideas of superheroes and we know how it went. This amazing belief and providing such strong stories is still continued in Marvel today.

Marvel’s Complete Belief in Robert Downey, Jr.

Even though now Disney is linked with the Marvels, we still have not forgotten that Disney was never a part of MCU. The studio took in Robert Downey Jr. .who was all-time famous already for his role even more than his acting skills.

Even before the movie he has been doing the Iron Man, for a smaller audience but being a part of the international audience was always his dream. And later on, when Nick Fury hired Tony Stark to work with S.H.I.E.L.D., that was just the beginning of something big we could ever imagine.

Marvel Movies
Marvel Movies

Iron man was released just before the series for Batman began and this was all similar on different levels. Both of them had followed up with various heroes but were also the richest and the smartest ones at the same time. 

Stark definitely didn’t fight with aliens or any other supernatural thing but he had his own super-tech company with such highly effective superhero features. However, everything changed when everyone went to another level and avengers came into the story. 

How ‘Iron Man’ Become an Important Part of MCU?

As MCU is wildly famous for changing our expectations for all the superhero movies the journey of the entire Marvel is incredible. And when all the superheroes in the MCU had a different appearance the Hulk in 2019 seemed a bit off the route. However with all the story and the action. 

And if we see any previous movies of MCU before 2008 the stories were always based on fighting and games. However, after the release of Iron Man MCU got a completely new fan base. And everything started from Iron Man 2 and an entire history was built.

Iron Man 2 gave a  new perspective to the world and beginning from it everything that happened further felt surreal. The entire evolution of Marvel from introducing Hulk to Thor just from a different realm had given MCU a complete journey. And with just strong stories and with the help of Disney  Marvel got a lot of success with every move.

MCU with such a great evaluation had made a place for various other stories and added it to blend in with the final movie. With such an evaluation all the movies like Black Panther blend and Ant-Man fit in perfectly with the entire setup.

With such progress I a, sure MCU is going to do wonders in the upcoming time as well.  Till then stay tuned with us for all the upcoming updates about MCU!

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