How Relationships In The U.S. Have Changed As Marriage Rates Drop

Marriage rates in America are at their lowest ever levels. There are currently just six marriages per every 1,000 citizens in The States, and less than 50% of households consist of married couples. Attitudes towards marriage are certainly changing in the U.S., and it’s no longer seen as what all teams must do. But is this the only reason why American couples aren’t making it down the altar?

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Cohabiting couples

One of the main reasons marriage rates in the U.S. are down is that more couples choose to cohabit. Cohabiting is seen as being more acceptable today than in previous times. 69% of people now say that cohabiting is good, no matter what the circumstance. Older couples, especially those who are divorcees, are choosing to live with their new partners rather than marry them. Statistics show that the number of over 65’s who are cohabiting tripled over 11 years. Meanwhile, The Hill says that around 25% of adults aged 25 and 34 cohabit with their partners. It shows that younger adults are test driving their relationships before committing to marriage.

Who’s getting wed?

Americans are currently waiting until later in Life to get married. The median age for marriage among men is 30 and for women 28. The good thing about delaying marriage until this age is that the relationship is more likely to last. Weddingstats report that most couples spend almost five years in a relationship before deciding to get wed. This length of time allows couples to spend quality time together, get to know each other, and build trust. When you’re comfortable with your partner and enjoy spending time alone together, you know it’s time to progress your relationship. Couples who wait to get married for these reasons are less likely to divorce.  A report from the Virginia-based Institute for Family Studies revealed that fewer than 15 marriages per 1,000 ended in divorce, the lowest divorce rate in the U.S. for five decades.

Extramarital affairs

The Relish Relationship report found that infidelity occurs in up to 20% of marriages. There has been a significant change in the number of people most likely to break their wedding vows since 2004, though. Before then, the Institute for Family Studies showed that people between 18 and 55 were most likely to commit adultery. But it’s now the older population, namely those between 60 and 79 years of age, who are failing to remain monogamous. Cheating often means the end of a relationship and a marriage. Best Life reports that just 15.6% of couples in a relationship stay together after an affair. In contrast, 23.6% of married couples will continue their marriage.

Relationships among Americans are intricate and exciting. There’s certainly a lot of desire to make sure relationships last the test of time, but not all are happy or want to commit to marriage.

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