How is AI changing the future of smartphones?

In the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has influenced the interaction between humans and devices. You can see the impact of AI on a smartphone in different industries like an advertisement, telecom, machinery, travel, and utility. Along with AI, one will also find extreme usage of Machine Learning (ML) too. Many apps designed for iOS and Android platform has successfully integrated ML and AI. Did you know that ML and AI together collect plenty of information at a fast pace? 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not only smart technologies but also emerging technologies that have a bright future. You can see the usage of AI in the form of self-driving cars, chatbots, and virtual assistants. Now that you know how powerful AI is let us see how AI is changing the future of smartphones. 

1. It empowers search engines

AI, with the usage of voice and images, can now simplify and empower search engines. Thanks to AI, the app developers give extra attention to the voice recognition system and image recognition system. Furthermore, AI enhances the conversion rate by providing app localization. 

2. AI exchanges information among device 

AI has made it possible for your device to communicate with other devices. When different devices are connected with each other, AI collects real-time data and processes the information. The smartphone then uses the processed information for knowing about user behavior. 

3. AI helps in subject detection 

The camera has made a solid improvement in smartphones. Not only the quality of the camera present in the smartphone is doing better but also AI is now integrated with it. As a result of this, subject detection has become extremely accurate and simple. When you click a selfie, it is the AI that identifies facial features. 

4. Languages will be translated in real-time 

Currently, one can translate the language only when there is an internet connection. However, in the future, are both the ML and AI will be integrated to translate the languages in real-time without the need for any active internet connection.

5. Thanks to AI for the face unlock feature

iPhone X introduced a face lock, and this feature became possible by integrating AI and ML algorithms. It is the AI that identifies the user’s face and then securely unlocks the smartphone. Now many Android manufacturers have also used AI to include the face unlock feature. 

6. AI addresses security concerns 

AI plays a crucial role in solving the contemporary rising security issues. AI gives alerts to the users whenever it identifies any vulnerability and threats by identifying the user’s behavior.

So, How is AI changing the future of smartphones?

The impressive growth is seen in AI for the past few years. It can be said that businesses will surely extract maximum benefit from the growth of AI. Now with the promises of 5G smartphones, the future of AI has a huge potential. From collecting and processing real-time data to enhancing the user experience, AI will definitely be used smartly in all the smartphones. 

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi always remains passionate towards innovation and his love for gadgets has been exhibited in his writing. His knack to learn more and more had turned him too passionate towards learning. His learning attitude had shaped him as a perfect writer, He writes about technology, gadgets, blogging, smartphone tips and tricks and software reviews.

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