Honor V30 5G version to release in November

With the digital world moving about at a much faster pace, the latest revolutionary bit of technology that is now rapidly becoming a part of cellphones in 5G technology. This technology has taken the world by storm with every tech giant launching all its upcoming flagship smartphones with 5G. You might know the Google Pixel 4 XL is expected to be 5g oriented.

Its rarity is highlighted with its release in specific markets only indicating that it’s a relatively expensive bit of technology. We can, therefore, expect it to yet be exclusively available for more significant markets. After Samsung and Huawei, Huawei subsidiary brand Honor also has announced the release of its 5G smartphone.

Honor V30 to have 5G technology

Honor, which has yet to enter the race of releasing 5G smartphones in China has now officially announced that the new Honor V30 will most likely come bearing the 5G technology in China. This news came from the president of Honor Zhao Ming when he recently made an appearance in the 6th World Internet Conference held in China.

Here he took the platform as the perfect opportunity to announce the release of the latest Honor V30 smartphone. He further promised the device to be of 5G variant. Although he didn’t give any definite date of the release, but he drops hints stating that we can expect the arrival of the smartphone in November. Now exactly when in November? That remains a mystery that has yet to be solved!

Apart from informing that the phone will come bearing 5G technology, the present also hinted the presence of another technology bits in the phone. While giving details on the device, he explained that it would also have the NSA and SA support architecture.

Additionally, while he was singing praises of the latest upcoming smartphone, he went ahead and described it as a device that will surely become the centre of all the young mind’s lives. With such promises tied with the Honor V30, there is much anticipation surrounding the phone. People are eagerly waiting to see if the device lives up to president Zhao Ming’s claims or not.   

More specification of Honor V30

Although the president Zhao Ming deprived us of any further insights on what to expect of the phone, there are still rumors circulating on what it may contain. There are reports giving insights on what the specifications of the Honor V30 might be.

For starters, we can expect the company to release V30 in two different variants. One variant will be the standard Honor V30. Additionally, the other variant will be the “pro” version that is the Honor V30 Pro. Both of these devices will come with the 5g technology, which seems to be the apparent selling feature of the device.

Moreover, as per the previously leaked insights of the phone, V30 and the V30 pro series was to come with a punch-hole design, very much like the one in V20. However, the recent highlights suggest, that the V30 and V30 Pro versions to come sporting a double punch-hole design.

Further insights are available on the device rumoring that it will come sporting a flashy 6.5 inch OLED display. It will also have a refresh rate of 9Hz, which is relatively impressive. Apart from that, other insights indicate that the phone will power through the latest Kirin 990 5G SoS pack.

The Honor V30 and V30 Pro are additionally equipped with a 60MP quad rear camera. To support these robust features, it will have a4200 mAh battery which will have ts support from a 40W super-fast charging and a 15W fast charging setup.

Where will it release?

This robust device will most likely first hit Chinese markets and then hit other markets. However, it will function without all Google apps, even Google Play.


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