Hinge Verification Code Not Working? Here’s What To Do To Fix

Hinge Verification Code Not Working! It is the most annoying error when you are supercharged to find a perfect dating partner. When we try to find our partner online, we use dating apps. And to create the profile, we usually get a verification code on our mobile number to complete the profile creation.

But, when we think we almost done with the formalities, then suddenly the Hinge account get stuck on the verification page. You try again and again to complete the verification but end up getting annoyed.

Why Is My Hinge Verification Code Not Working?

Before you use any dating app, you need to create a profile and verify you are a human, so the app or website need a unique code to validate the new user by sending a verification message on their number. And you can’t use those dating apps or websites unless you verify your new account. Under any circumstances, you are unable to receive the verification code, or it’s not working when you type it in.

Don’t you think old ways are still better than using these dating apps? Anyway, this article offers a few solutions you can try to resolve the issue. Let’s read further to find out a few things you can do.

Use the Updated App to Avoid Hinge Verification Code Not Working Error

Sometimes the outdated apps also create troubles. Because when we don’t update then they getting start bugging. So, whenever you create an account always, make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Check Google Play or App Store for application updates and then try entering the code again. I hope you won’t see Hinge Verification Code Not Working error message anymore.

Check Your Default Messaging App

There may be a possibility that unknowingly you may not be using the default messaging app that’s why hinge faced some troubles to find the verification code. It shows the “Hinge Verification Code Not Working error message”. For instance, These days, the true caller also supports messaging. So, whenever you get this message, it’s better to check which is your default messaging app.

Is Your Number correct?

In the craze of creating an account on dating sites, most of the time, we make mistakes while entering the phone number. Sometimes we enter the correct combination of digits or enter our old phone number without paying attention.

The problem is common, so, try again and this time make sure you are entering the correct phone number and the same number which you have in now.

Side Tip:- While entering your number always make double sure that you entered your number with correct country code.

You’ve Waited for Too Long

These Hinge Verification codes are the same as One Time Passwords. They expire after a specific time. So, when you enter the code, always enter them at the same moment when you receive it as SMS. If you wait more than the allowed time, then you need to sign up again, wait for a new code.

You’ve Already Tried Several Times

If the code which you have received isn’t working, then try again from the beginning to receive the activation code again. But if you have already tried more than the minimum limit set, then you may be locked out of the app. Which means you are blocked for the next 24 hours. Now you are stuck and the annoying this is that nobody can unblock their account manually, everyone needs to wait till next 24 hours. If you are desperate to find your dating partner, then you can try your luck on any other app or even in your neighbourhood. 😛

Restart Your Mobile Or Reinstall the App to Avoid Hinge Verification Code Not Working Issue

Sometimes, the app itself face problems with the connection. So, restarting your handset might help you to rectify the problem. Moreover, you can also reinstall the app and repeat the sign-in process after doing this, try now and check if you can create the account now.

May Be Your Messaging Service Is Blocked

The mobile carrier companies, use their unique numbers to send texts, codes and PINs to their customers. If you aren’t receiving those messages, then this may be the reason behind why you aren’t receiving the hinge verification code.

It only happens in rare cases. But if you are sure that while activating the DND, you barred all the service messages. To unlock your messages, you can call on your mobile carrier customer care number. If the restrictions are from their side, then they are the only one who can enable you to receive the code.

Last year this problem was noted by some of T-mobile MetroPCS Activated Phone users. They took the issue on Reddit and complained that their carrier is blocking all these types of messages.

If you did receive the code, but it’s not working, here’s what you can try:

  • Open the SMS with the code.
  • In the type field, enter the word HELP and tap Send.
  • This resets the carrier linked to your phone number.
  • If you receive a text reply, it means short code messages have been enabled for your phone number. Now try entering the Hinge code again and see if it works.

If you managed to solve the problem with any other way, then please do let us know in the comment section, how did you solve this problem?


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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