He Sent a $117 Check in the Mail. But a Crook Stole It and the Bank Cashed It for $7k [Update]

On 3rd October Glenn Kaplinsky had written a check of $117.29 to pay his bills for September, and had stuck the same in the mail. And after a few days, he got the message from the landscaping company that they haven’t received his payment yet, and then later on when Kaplinsky checked his bank account he found out that a total of $7,117.29 had been cashed from his account from the check he had issued.  

As of now, his bank account is less than $7,000, and to know what has happened, Kaplinsky went to the Chase branch situated in Livingston, they further said that they just have a copy of the issued check and no one was sure what had happened. 

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Thus he found out the amount written on the check was altered from $117.29 to $7,117.29. Along with it the memo line which was written by Kaplinsky was also changed from September lawn to car payment. And also the check’s date was changed from 3rd October to 25th October.

Not only that but the name of the pay was also altered from Landscaping Company it was changed to Aubrey Williams. However, the most important thing was that his name had never come in any of the public records in New Jersey anywhere in the United States.


Bank Cashed
Bank Cashed

Kaplinsky Continued With the Investigation: Everything You Need to Know

Kaplinsky further mentioned that he was asked by the branch to directly contact the Chase fraud department.

Before calling the fraud department he went directly to the branch of Florham Park. The office gave him some documentation and asked him to fill out the declaration of Unauthorized Endorsement/Altered Item. 

He was asked to fill in the details and fax the documents to the fraud department directly. He had faxed the documents on the 26th of November. But various days passed, but Kaplinsky never heard of anything from the department.

So, later on, he further visited the branch again and asked the employees about the details and they said they have never received any documents. So I had to fill out another document and send it to the fraud department once again. 

On 4th December he sent the documents again and waited for several days again to receive a callback. And after hearing nothing he called the branch again.  He was said that this documentation does take time and was also provided two different fax numbers.

He further shared that with the team and said that he had paid $30 to fax all those documents and still haven’t received any reply as he was not so sure what he should do. He directly filed a police report and called the Congressperson to help in this situation.

How Did Kaplinsky Get His Money Back?

After looking into the document/complaints which were asked to review again he received a call after a few hours from the chase. And he confirmed that they are looking into this matter for him and further added that while they are working on it they would like to know more about the situation and how big this fraud is.

He said that they have come across one con artist recently who had changed the $50 check-in $5000 and the bank had also cashed the cheque as well 

The (USPIS) U.S. Postal Inspection Service registers all the complaints about the fraud happening directly in the mail from the year 2020 March till February 2021. A total of 40,727 mail fraud has been filed as per the websites. The USPIS is the best way to stop this fraud and to watch the entire ongoing chain of this.

To avoid such fraud it is always advisable to avoid leaving your checks in such mailboxes. However, even if you drop it in the post office directly there is no way you can know that you won’t be a victim of the fraud as there will be something of a big gap between the post office and the last destination of your post.

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Thus it is always advisable to be paying the bills online itself, As it is easier and more convenient also there is a very less chance of your check to be lost in any way. Also, you will be able to have various recurring payments to pay your bills so you won’t have to depend on any further mail reminders.

On the 17th of this December, Kaplansky got the good news from cheese and the money was refunded to him directly in his account. When Kaplinsky asks why did it take so long for the amount to be found. To that, they replied that it is difficult sometimes to resolve these issues and all these types of claims take about 90 to 120 days to be resolved added that they are glad to be able to resolve the issue for him. 

However, the issue was finally resolved for him and he finally got his funds back. Stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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