Hailey Bieber Baby Bump Photos Album

Hailey Bieber baby bump photos have been circulating on the internet, while fans cannot stop gushing over the soon-to-be-momma’s pictures!

Hailey announced this year in May that she and Justin Biber were going to be parents and are more than ecstatic on the arrival of a new family member.

Hailey and Justin Bieber’s Reaction to Pregnancy News

Reaction Of Justin And Hailey Bieber To Pregnancy News

Sources close to them revealed that Hailey and Justin are over the moon and looking forward to expanding their family. Hailey is reducing her work commitments to focus more on her health during her pregnancy.

Justin Biber and Hailey married in 2018. Justin revealed that he loved children and wanted to have as many babies as he could. At that time, Hailey wasn’t quite ready. However, seeing Hailey Bieber’s baby bump photos just tells us that this was the right time, and fans wish the couple all the best for their beautiful future.

Hailey Bieber Baby Bump Photo Album

Hailey Bieber Baby Bump Photos

On May 10th, Hailey Bieber’s baby bump photos broke the internet as the couple was seen renewing their wows, endeavoring each other with kisses. In another photo, Justin is seen taking pictures of pregnant Hailey Bieber. She is wearing an off-shoulder Saint Laurent gown and looks gorgeous in the off-shoulder white dress as her hair is covered in a scarf. Their maternity shoot posted on Instagram was an intimate affair.

On May 15th Hailey Bieber baby bump photos came in a series as the new mom shared her series of beautiful pictures. In one photo Hailey Bieber baby bump is visible in a pink butterfly crop top, where she is seen cradling her stomach. She shared more photos in the same outfit where the bump is more prominently visible.

In another photo, Hailey is seen sipping a drink and wearing a T-shirt, which shows her baby bump.

A picture of the couple wearing black and kissing shows her bump underneath her cardigan.

Fans and celebrities worldwide have been commenting on her Instagram posts, sending love and congratulatory wishes for the first-time mom. The glow on Hailey’s face is evident as fans share their excitement with numerous positive comments under her posts.

Hailey Bieber Baby Bump Photos of Cravings

Hailey recently revealed that her cravings are egg salad on top of a pickle, added with hot sauce. She shared this on her Instagram story. She has also shared photos of the food she has been eating during her pregnancy.

Hailey Bieber's Cravings Photo

Justin Bieber’s Instagram Post

Justin Bieber’s Instagram Post


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Justin shared a photo of Hailey Bieber’s baby bump, in which she is seen wearing a sheer top and a bralette with a statement neckpiece bearing Justin’s last initials. This photo had celebrity friends and fans loving the daddy-to-be sharing his wife’s baby bump photos.

Hailey Bieber Due Date

Hailey Bieber's Due Date

It’s evident that Hailey is staying active. She recently posted about her new campaign for Saint Laurent’s collaboration with Ray-Ban sunglasses, along with photos from her visit to the Rhode HQ today. When she revealed the Saint Laurent campaign, she mentioned that she was four months pregnant at the time the photos were taken, affectionately referring to the baby as a “little bean” in her caption. The Biebers have not disclosed the baby’s due date yet, but their fans speculate that she might be seven or eight months along.


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