Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Review – Was it Good?

Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake has ignited a frenzy of curiosity and cravings. But is it truly worth the hype? Are you eager to give it a shot but hesitant about wasting your hard-earned cash? Fear not, for we’re here to guide you through this tantalizing journey. Here is what we think about it.

What is Grimace Shake?

The Grimace Shake derives its name from a character known as Grimace. He was part of the iconic McDonald land cast of characters. Grimace made his debut in the 1970s as a purple, blob-like character with a wide smile and stubby arms. Initially, Grimace was portrayed as a villain, causing mischief and chaos in McDonald land. However, over time, his character evolved into a lovable and friendly figure.

Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Review - Is it Good?
Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Review – Is it Good?

As part of McDonald’s marketing strategy, the company decided to introduce a milkshake inspired by Grimace. This led to the creation of the Grimace Shake, a delightful beverage that embodies the character’s charm and playful nature.

What Does Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Taste like?

The true test of any shake lies in its taste, and the Grimace Shake does not disappoint in this regard. Topped with a crown of luscious whipped cream and a cherry, the presentation of the Grimace Shake is simply irresistible. Upon taking the first sip, one is greeted with a burst of sweet, creamy goodness. The shake boasts a rich vanilla flavor infused with hints of berry, which gives it the distinctive purple color. The balance between the vanilla base and the fruity undertones is executed skillfully, resulting in a refreshing and unique taste. The blend of sweet and fruity creates an addictive fusion that will leave you craving more.

Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Flavor 

McDonald’s Grimace Shake typically comes in one primary flavor only, which is a delicious blend of vanilla with hints of berry. This unique combination gives the shake its distinctive purple color and sets it apart from traditional vanilla shakes. However, it’s worth noting that McDonald’s often provides customization options, allowing customers to add additional flavors or mix-ins to their Grimace Shake. Common options include chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and crushed Oreos, which can further enhance the taste and create a personalized flavor experience. So while the base flavor is predominantly vanilla with a berry twist, the customizable options allow for a variety of flavor combinations to suit individual preferences.

How Many Calories does Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Have?

We cannot tell you the exact calories the grimace shake contains. The calorie content of McDonald’s Grimace Shake can vary depending on the size and any additional toppings or mix-ins that you choose to include. However, we can provide you with a general idea of the calorie range for the shake.

On average, a small-sized McDonald’s Grimace Shake (12 fl oz or 355 ml) without any added toppings or mix-ins contains approximately 560 calories. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and may vary slightly depending on the specific ingredients used and regional variations.

Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake
Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake

What is Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake Price?

When it comes to the value for money, the Grimace Shake is a triumph. McDonald’s offered this delectable beverage at a reasonable price. The medium-sized Grimace milkshake was priced at just $4.99, excluding tax. A perfect blend of vanilla and berries at such a reasonable price, what more can one ask for? It was a treat that’s worth every penny.

What is Mcdonald’s Grimace Shake End Date?

McDonald’s periodically reviews and updates their menu offerings, which means certain items may be temporarily or permanently discontinued. 

Prepare to bid farewell to the beloved Grimace Shake, a creation that McDonald’s introduced in celebration of Grimace’s momentous 52nd birthday on 12th June 2023. Unfortunately the Grimace shake was on the menu till 29th June 2023. So mark your calendars for the next year to make sure to experience the magic of the Grimace Shake.

Our Final Verdict 

So to answer the question, is McDonald’s Grimace shake good or not? Absolutely! McDonald’s Grimace Shake is undeniably good. It certainly lives up to its reputation.  From its eye-catching appearance to its balanced flavors and smooth texture, the Grimace Shake provides a satisfying and enjoyable milkshake experience. McDonald’s has successfully combined the classic vanilla base with fruity undertones, creating a unique taste that sets it apart from other milkshakes on the market. The value for money, coupled with the option to customize, further enhances the appeal of this delightful treat. Whether you’re a fan of McDonald’s or simply in search of a delicious milkshake, the Grimace Shake is definitely worth a try.

Have you tried Grimace Shake? How was it? Let’s us know your opinion through the comments.

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