Gold Found in Mountains Of Eastern DRC

A mountain made up of gold. Yes, that’s right! Gold has been found in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo mountains, and the people of Congo cannot maintain their cool.

The soil of these mountains is 90% gold. This is the first-ever mountain of this kind. After the news of this mountain broke out, authorities in Africa have forbidden people to take this soil.

In fact, Miners, traders, and members of Congo’s armed forces (FARDC) were also required to leave the mine sites of mountains filled with gold, i.e., in and around Luhihi. This news has been confirmed by Muhigirwa, who said that the presence of FARDC at the mine sites – prohibited under Congo’s mining code – contributed to the “disorder” at Luhihi.

But, people are paying no heed to the government, digging and mining as much as possible to collect this soil of gold. Furthermore, after collecting the soil, they wash it and collect as much gold as possible.

Check the Video of Gold Mountain of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Below.

Written by Amna Aslam

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