Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura Locations

Genshin Impact’s biggest update, i.e Update 2.1, has just debuted recently. It introduced players to a new set of islands called Inazuma and exploring them has been quite exciting till now. These new islands come with their own unique quests and some of them are quite challenging. One particular quest, Sakura Arborism, is really difficult. It requires players to locate the Thunder Sakura which is electro charged tree. These trees are extremely dangerous and players need to heal and purify them to complete the quest. Finding them can be a little tricky if you don’t know their exact location. Thus, we have thoroughly searched all the islands to find the location of all the electro charged trees for you. You can find out all about the Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura trees down below. 

What is the Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura?

Thunder Sakura are huge tree trunks that are infused with the power of Electro. Every time you get close to them, they will attack you with powerful lightning bolts. These bolts deal considerable damage and can even kill you! 

The trees were actually meant to watch over Inazuma and purify evil. However, due to corrosion, they’ve become evil and need to be purified again using a cleaning ritual. Also, purifying them is part of the Sakura Arborism quest which you need to complete to make progress in the game. The quest will be given to you by Miyuki. She will ask you to “remove juvenile antics on Thunder Sakura” without giving you any hints on where to find them. This makes locating them a bit tricky. 

Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura Locations

The Thunder Sakura is only found in Kannazuki Island. They are only five in number but are placed in five different locations. These locations have been mentioned in great detail down below.

Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura 

Location 1

The first tree is located right next to Miyuki. Just look in front of the cliff that she is standing on to see the tree. 

Location 2

The second tree is along the coastline that is located on the Northern side of the Kujou Encampment. This location is also close to where you met Miyuki for the first time when she gives you the Tatara Tales quest. To get to the tree, you will need to jump down a cliff. Also, you will have to look out for two Electro Abyss Mages along with trying to avoid getting struck by the tree. These mages will ambush you as soon as you get close to the Thunder Sakura. 

Location 3

To find the third tree, you will have to go North from the Statue of the Seven on Tatarasuna Island. When you reach a cliff, jump down from it and you will be able to see the Thunder Sakura. Make sure you don’t stray too far from the tree as a Cryo Abyss Mage and a Hydro Samachurl live in the vicinity and will attack you if they spot you. 

Location 4

The fourth tree is on the west side of the highest Teleport Waypoint located on Tatarasuna Island. Once you warp there, simply look to your left and the tree will be right below you. Float to the tree to heal it. Fortunately, you won’t be attacked by any dangerous mages here so just look out for three tree’s lightning bolts. 

Location 5

The fifth tree is very close to the location of the fourth one. After purifying the fourth tree, look to your North and you’ll be able to see it. To get to it, you will need to go back to the Teleport Waypoint and then run over to the final Thunder Sakura. 

How to Purify the Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura? 

Healing the trees is not going to be easy. You will need to use your Elemental Sight and try to bait the Thunder Sakura into launching thunderbolts at the shining blue spots present on the ground. The chances of the trees attacking you are quite high so be prepared in advance with healing items. Also, keep in mind to be extra careful if you’re in the water as the lightning bolts deal more damage in water. 

Once the trees are purified, they will become inert and you can go near them without getting attacked. 

Is the Sakura Arborism quest complete?

Cleansing the trees was just one part of the quest. Moreover, you will need to go back to Miyuki after completing this part and she’ll give you further instructions. She will ask you to take down a couple of Treasure Hoarders and fight an Electro Hypostasis to complete the Sakura Arborism Quest.

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