Genshin Impact Kokomi- When is it Releasing?

The popular role-playing action game Genshin Impact has just launched its latest update. And obviously, it has been an absolute hit! The update introduced players to a completely new chain of islands located in Inazuma, full of tea houses, cherry blossoms, and wandering ronin. Although exploring Inazuma has been one of our favorite things to do in the past couple of days. The best part of the update has definitely been introducing new characters with unique abilities, weapons, and personalities. We’ve already seen sneak peeks of Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. But our favorite character Kokomi is still not in the gameplay! However, our resistance warrior is about to make her debut in the next update, and we couldn’t be more excited. You can find out all about Genshin Impact Kokomi, including her release date, abilities, and elemental skills, down below. 

Genshin Impact Kokomi Release Date

Kokomi is a warrior leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance group fighting Shogun’s decree of eliminating all Visions. Her intelligence might have helped her group win several battles. She will not only be appearing as an NPC. Still, She will also be available for recruitment once she appears on one of the upcoming Genshin Impact banners confirmed by the game developers, i.e., Mihoyo. 

Although an official release date hasn’t been given, @lumie_lumie, a reputable and trustworthy source, has confirmed that Kokomi will be available in update 2.1, which will be released on September 21. She will appear on the second banner that debuts in the new update.

Genshin Impact Kokomi

Genshin Impact Kokomi Abilities 

As a five-star hydro catalyst user, Kokomi will have some pretty powerful abilities, which have been revealed in Genshin Impact 2.1 beta version.  In her normal swimming fish form attack, she will deal with hydro damage in three consecutive attacks. Her charged attack will allow her to yield area-of-effect Hydro damage by using some stamina. There will also be a short casting time, so be sure to keep that in mind when using Kokomi’s charged attacks. One of her most powerful attack strategies is her plunging attack, in which she will gather the might of Hydro and plunge from mid-air towards the ground. While doing this, she will deal massive damage to all those who dare to come in her path. Once Kokomi lands on the ground, she will also yield an area of effect hydro damage to cause further destruction. 

Kokomi also has a special elemental skill that is particularly useful for her allies called Kurage’s Oath. This skill allows her to summon ‘bake-kurage,’ which is made from water using her Wet Status. This baked kurage will heal all friends and party members. Additionally, it will also cause Hydro damage to close enemies. The strength of the damage will depend upon Kokomi’s max HP. And will increase as she makes progress in the game.  

Upon summoning her elemental burst called Kaijin Ceremony, Kokomi will be robed in a ceremonial garment after Nearby opponents deal with hydro damage. 

The ceremonial garment will intensify Kokomi’s power and increase the damage caused by her “bake- kurage.” Additionally, every time her attacks successfully hit opponents, nearby party members will experience an increase in HP. Obviously, once she leaves the field, the powers bestowed upon her by the garments will disappear. 

Kokomi’s Passive Talents

Kokomi has the following passive powers.

Haworthia Casket- using Kaijin Ceremony with Bake-Keurig will increase the duration of the latter. 

Song of Pearls- When Kokomi uses this talent, the damage caused by her normal and charged attacks will increase but only when she is wearing the Ceremonial Garment. 

Princess of Watatsumi- The amount of stamina consumed by party members while swimming will decrease when using this passive talent.

Flawless Strategy- Kokomi’s healing bonus gets a 25% bump up, and her crit rate goes down 100%. 

Kokomi’s Weapon

The official description for Kokomi’s weapon is, “ A string of lovely jasper from the deep sea. They Shine with a pure radiance like that of the moon, and just as ever distant.” 

Her weapon is called the Fumetsu Gekka, which basically gives her several self-healing powers. 

To progress in the game and level up these talents, you will need several rare Inazuma resources like Transience and crown of insight.


Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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