General Hospital Spoilers August 9

In the latest episode of General Hospital, we saw the odds going against Jason Morgan and Carly Corinthos in every situation, Hamilton Finn reuniting with a future-in-law and Liesl Obrecht and her frenemy beating the hell out a punching bag. The episode was full of plot twists, horrific revelations, and growing suspicions. The General Hospital spoilers for the next episode are even more exciting and trust us, you really don’t want to miss out on this upcoming juicy episode. The major spoilers for General Hospital’s forthcoming episode on August 9 include some very horrifying news for Nikolas, Austin giving Harrison Chase a spectacular idea, and Brook Lyn growing suspicious of Michael Corinthos’s shady behavior. You can find out more details about the 9th August episode down below. 

General Hospital Spoilers Nikolas Cassadine’s Horrific News

Nikolas Cassadine finds out the horrifying news regarding the letter Ryan Chamberlain sent to his son Spencer Cassadine. He discusses this with his Aunt Alexis Davis who further exacerbates the situation by telling him that he should be panicking. Honestly, though, it’s about time Nikolas realizes his son’s annoying and troublesome ways. 

General Hospital

Surprisingly, Spencer is currently trying to do something good. He is trying to uplift Trina Robinson’s mood. Trina is worried that things in her life are out of her control and she can’t fix the one thing that has been troubling her for quite some time. However, Spencer apparently has something that can make her feel better. Will he be throwing her a party to divert her mind from her mother’s complicated love affair? 

Austin’s Genius Idea

The spoilers show Scott Baldwin inquiring about whether they are going to get rich or not when he comes by the hospital. Austin Gatlin-Holt has a superb idea that may turn this long shot into reality. He tells this idea to Harrison Chase who may or may not consider it. Chase does have a lot of faith in Austin who is also his confidante so he will probably agree with Austin. 

Austin knows that Chase’s wife is cheating on him and that Chase wants to set her free. However, he recommends Chase keep living in the ginormous house, pretend not to know about his wife and Michael’s affair, and try to find legitimate proof that will give him some share of the Quartermaine estate. Will Chase act on Austin’s idea? Or will he dismiss it and leave Willow? 

General Hospital Spoilers Brooke Lynn’s Growing Suspicions about Michael Corinthos

Michael Corinthos has been acting quite strange and Brooke Lynn senses this. She grows extremely suspicious of him and he is now on her radar. 

General Hospital Other Spoilers

A few other spoilers include Sam receiving a hidden message that will help her track down Naomi who may lead her to Hayden. Hayden will then reveal who the shooter actually is. However, he may decide to keep quiet and not tell anyone a word about what he knows.

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