Fox News Host Rails Against Literal ‘Free Lunch’ for Hungry Kids

Those who come up with words like “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” must have said such a thing without having double thoughts about children who may have to stay hungry otherwise.  She says it “kills” her that New Jersey has a plan under which they are going to provide free-of-cost lunch to school children.

What did Fox News host Martha MacCallum say in the context of providing free food?

The deep scornful clip of the Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Thursday afternoon since in Congress Democrats were having a debate on how much can be spent on what things can prove to be a historic inclusion to the social safety net.

While she was in an interview with her guest, Larry Kudlow, who is former Trump economic adviser and the one who first came up with an idea that “providing free lunches can help in getting votes” since something like that during the pandemic situation may prove to be true but the same isn’t true further. Well, MacCallum was the one who decided to take the statement literally.

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Out of nowhere suddenly, she stated “One of the things that kill me is that now, you know, there’s a free lunch program in New Jersey. And it’s for everyone. Even if you don’t need help to send your child’s lunch to school,” She added “So, those kids are all going to grow up thinking, well, school lunch is free, right?”


She continued “And then god help the person who comes along and tries to take that away, Larry. You talk about free lunch,” these words by her made Larry giggle.” It seemed like she is more sympathetic towards the one who can try to discontinue the lunch for children, Wow. As far as we think, feeding children should not be stopped by anyone since many people aren’t even getting proper meals. 

What does Larry Kudlow state?

Larry Kudlow entirely accepted that we need to increase the tax rates to execute new social campaigns without even pointing that in the end, those increased tax burdens will fall on the richest citizens. He said “Common-sense Americans know this is not right,” further added, “They don’t want big government socialism, they don’t want a welfare state we’re all dependent on.”

It is acceptable that to help the poor something needs to be done, but the increase in tax rates may also lead to creating problems since the pandemic situation has shaken everything and almost every sector. We hope the government comes up with something neutral.


Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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