Fear Street Part 4 – Will it Ever Be Released?

The Fear Street Trilogy has been one of the best slasher horror movie series on Netflix. It deals with social and financial issues while maintaining the terrifying theme of its genre. In these first three movies, we saw Deena and her friends break a 350-year-old curse responsible for hundreds of deaths in their town. Since the third movie had an open ending, fans are curious to know whether their favorite horror movie series will be returning with another extension full of murders, deaths, and terror. Is Fear Street Part 4 coming to our screens anytime soon? Has it been officially confirmed for production? Keep on reading to find out.

Fear Street Part 4 Renewal and Release Date

The first movie in the Netflix Trilogy, Fear Street Part 1, premiered on July 2, 2021, followed by Fear Street Part 2 on July 9, 2021. The third part debuted just one week after the second part, on July 16, 2021. Unfortunately, no official announcement regarding Fear Street Part 4 has been made. The producers have neither confirmed nor denied rumors of the fourth extension. 

Fear Street Part 4

However, the probability of getting a fourth movie is extremely high based on statistics which show that most of the popular slasher franchises have several movies. For example, Friday the 13th consists of 12 movies and a TV series, and Scream has four movies and one tv series. 

Additionally, Fear Street is based on the book series of the same name written by R.L. Stine, which consists of more than 50 books. Thus, there is a lot of material for the Fear Street Trilogy producers to release Fear Street Part 4. In an interview, director Leigh Janiak also explicitly said that there could be a potential Fear Street Universe consisting of several movies and TV series. 

Furthermore, the Fear Street trilogy has received immense love and praise from people all around the world. The viewership and ratings of the series are stellar, which further increases the chances of fans getting another movie. 

Keeping all this in mind, we may get an official announcement for the fourth movie in a couple of months. If all goes well, Fear Street Part 4 will most likely premiere between late 2022 and early 2023. 

Fear Street Part 4 Cast

None of the Fear Street cast members have officially announced their return for another movie or spinoff. However, several characters, including some of the dead ones, may return for Part 4. Alternatively, Fear Street Part 4 may feature a completely new cast with a completely new curse and witch. 


In the first three movies, Deena and her friends who live in Shadyside, a poor and underdeveloped town, successfully unravel the mysteries behind a 350-year-old curse after Sam gets cursed by Sarah Fier. The curse was placed on Sarah by Solomon, who used his demonic book to do this. The third movie ended with someone stealing this demonic book. The fourth movie will deal with this new person and what they do with the book. Will they restart the curse? Will this person be from Shadyside and use the book to curse Sunnyvale, the near utopian neighboring town, out of jealousy and rage? Only Fear Street Part 4 will tell. 

Fear Street Part 4 Trailer

Part 4 will be released once filming and production for the movie are complete, which will be somewhere around September 2022 to November 2022.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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