Emily in Paris season 3: Is This Series Renewed or Cancelled?

Welcome back Fam! Today we have some amazing updates about all the lovers of Emily in Paris. If you have not watched Emily in Paris yet let me brief you about it. This story is about a girl called Lily Collins who was promoted and transferred to Paris.

She is a mid-20-year-old girl who was transferred as Marketing executive when her company took over a French Lifestyle and luxury company and made it their branch. 

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In the show, we could see that Emily was supposed to be handling all the social media strategies for the company and all the brands the company had collaborated with. Emily was supposed to handle the marketing department of the company however she was not so accepted in the company at first.

This story is all about Emily being in Paris and how she manages to survive 1 year over there. But gradually you will see that Emily was in love with Paris and she had become famous on her own social media, naming her page “Emily in Paris”.

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She had new friends, a complicated love triangle, some competitive yet bittersweet colleagues but other than that amazing life. So Emily had gone on a complete roller coaster ride and even took us with her on this beautiful journey to Paris. 

So the best part is yet to come! This Series has two seasons playing on Netflix already. And it has been recently announced that Emily in Paris will be back not only with the third but also with the fourth season for us.

Emily in Paris season 3
Emily in Paris season 3

Wait!! What??  Yes, you are needing it absolutely right! Emily in Paris is going to be back with 2 Seasons back-to-back for us. This announcement was made on the official page of “Emily in Paris ‘. This show is going to have Lily Collins as her main lead. And this romantic comedy series is definitely a must-watch! So let’s dive in and see what we know about this upcoming season.

The confirmation of the show came after season 2, which was recently released. It featured Lily as the marketing executive called Emily Cooper. The second season was released on Netflix on the 22nd of December. After that, the news about the 3rd and the 4th season was shared on the official Instagram page saying Emily is officially returning for two more seasons. 

Lily even shared this big announcement on her own Instagram page and said she woke up early and is giving us very exciting news, Emily in Paris is going to be back for the third season and also for the 4th season.

Further continuing she wrote that she’s not sure if Emily would actually love or hate this announcement, but she definitely would be screaming either way. After that, she thanked the audience for all the support on the show and also said that she cannot wait anymore for these two seasons.

What Was the Plot of the Second Season?

If we talk about the story of the second season the show had Emily traveling from Paris to the French Riviera and that also included Saint-Tropez. The second season has a lot to do with her life in Paris getting a lot more complicated and confusing with a lot of chaos going around.

Emily slowly got better at traveling the city but the French were still under work. Further, she will struggle with her love conflict or we can say love triangle with her first French friend and her boyfriend who is also Emily’s neighbor.

Further to avoid this complicated Love Story she would start dating a study partner from her French class and he would get a lot more serious for her.

And as far as we know the upcoming season will be shot in Paris itself during summer or spring. And we are also expecting that some other locations might explode which also will include London.

The show was started in October 2020 and since then it has been on the topmost streaming on Netflix. Emily in Paris had also been nominated twice for an Emmy for outstanding comedy series and an awesome production design season.

This Netflix series was directed by Darren star. He’s also the executive producer and writer of the show along with Lilly Burns, Andrew Fleming, and Tony Hernandez. Darren had written all these famous series such as Beverly Hills, Sex and the City, Melrose Place, and 90210.

Now he is working on his new show Uncoupled which will be wrapped up by this month. After that, it is expected that he will start working on the 3rd season of Emily in Paris.

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