Doom Patrol Season 4 Premiering December 8 on HBO Max

“Doom Patrol Season 4”! A weird and surrealistic series of iconoclastic or misfit superheroes will be released this December. HBO Max will be streaming the Season 4 of this American comic superhero and the “for the mere sake of” the comedy-drama “Doom Patrol.” The series is based on the former DC Comics superhero team entitled “Doom Patrol.” Its initial publication through DC Comics was written by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney, while the comic artist Bruno Premiani worked with them.

Ready to head out on the screen, “Doom Patrol Season 4“, like the previous seasons, is developed by Jeremy Craver. Season 4 of this adventure series will present the last cast along with a new character “Casey Brink” (played by Madeline Zima), reports Ethan Sapir (from, to be hitched into the misfit superhero world.

 Well, you must think about what else is here to be revealed about “Doom Patrol Season 4.” We probably have a lot to say, which you may find as “almost everyone’s saying this.” But this is what we will try to break with a new breath!

Follow the page down this town till you find some old in the new crown!

The Weirdness of the Time: “Doom Patrol Season 4”

Though humour is one of the aspects of our life that cannot be denied, amid the present world of “popular culture,” spirit has been smashed into the weird vulgarity of one’s imagination. Let’s have a glance at what Judith Yaros Lee has to say in his article “Humor in Popular Culture”:

The Weirdness of the Time: "Doom Patrol Season 4"
The Weirdness of the Time: “Doom Patrol Season 4”

“From the standpoint of humour studies, the biggest challenge regarding humour in popular culture comes from this very centrality and ubiquity. Billboards, television (film productions), radio commercials, personal ads, bartenders, comic strips, popular songs- all fool around with ideas and values outside the bonds of high art, whose aesthetic ambitions and formal structures discipline comic play.” 

Judith’s perspective stands right in the way of such productions like “The Doom Patrol” series. We are explicitly invited to rethink the comedy that is being played in the series. Yes, this is “the weirdness of time” in the name of the genre vulgarity can be offered to the masses. This is what’s probably “new” to crown here, among the tons of repetitions. Let’s break the plot while fixing our lenses on Judith’s thoughts!

The Plot through Judith’s Lens: “Doom Patrol Season 4”

Yes, readers, we will seek through Judith’s lens what is here in the “Doom Patrol Season 4.” So far HBO Max has released the trailer for the fourth season of the series. Therefore, we surely cannot go for an entire dissecting session. Don’t worry! In the meantime, with a bit of pace, we can still have a look at the plot’s glimpses that the trailer offers.

The trailer was released 3 to 4 days ago on HBO Max, featuring the most “obnoxious” characters, the “were-butts.” What did you say? Nonsense? Yes, quiet absurdity, however one may call it, oh! It’s a genre, you know, “surrealism” or, oh! You don’t see the comedy, man! Perhaps we know the humour, but we don’t; it’s vulgarity. 

Well here is good coverage of the trailer by Abbey White (from, she writes in her article “‘Doom Patrol Season 4 Trailer Teases’ Music Man’ Number and a Battle with Were-Butts”,

“In the more than one-minute look at the new season, these teeth (sic) butt monsters are hilariously singing a Music Man classic as part of their debut to a few powerful officials. At other points, they are seen being tossed around by Doom Patrol members. That includes being punted by Cliff Steel, also known as Robotman (voiced by Brendan Fraser and physically portrayed by Matthew Zuk).”

 Well, what the main plot is, one can still stand with the basic idea that it’s great. The outcasts are not outcasts. Here one can appreciate this adventurous plane story and the characters showcasing the conflict between one’s individual and social life. The element of science fiction within it is not new; instead, it is connected with the genre’s ancestral chain that the comic world holds within its root. The outcast element also gives it a touch of modern world alienation, but the team formation is what’s assertive towards this current element.

Abbey further reveals the plot,

“The season itself will see the team travelling to the future where they find an unwelcome surprise and, faced with their demise, must once and for all decide whether happiness or the fate of the world is more important.”

Well, there can be a whole article devoted to the cinematography that Armen Kevorkian is doing in the season. For the moment would like to share an excerpt of an interview with Armen, noted by Rick Marshall (from in his article,

“Armen Kevorkian: It’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a show. It’s different in every single episode, so it never gets boring for me. I’m always like, “I wonder what they’re going to come up with next?” Our Executive Producers are so great, and so are the whole writing team and Jeremy [Carver, showrunner]. … This season, there were a lot of visual effects, with those flying masks and Monsieur Mallah and all. We also had the killer butts come back.”


Javaria Yousuf Ali
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