Devs Season 2 Release Date And More Additional Updates Are Here! 

Devs is a science fiction thriller series debuting in 2020. It features a tech company Amaya that is secretly running a quantum computing team called Devs. The series focuses on Lily trying to unravel the truth behind her husband’s death who was killed by the secret tech program Devs.

The agency believes in determinism and that there is no such thing as free will. Lily’s journey is full of life-threatening situations as the Dev creators want to stop her from discovering the truth. The show is thrilling and full of jaw-dropping plot twists.

Since the first season was such a huge hit on Hulu, it is no surprise that fans are eagerly waiting for a second one. Will there be a second season? Is Devs officially renewed for a new season? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Devs season 2. 

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Devs Season 2 Release Date

Although two years have passed since the release of Devs Season 1, there are no updates on a second season. This is because Devs was described as a ‘limited’ series from the beginning. Thus, it is highly likely that the show will not get renewed for a second season in spite of its huge success. 

Devs Season 2
Devs Season 2

The show’s director Alex Garland said that he isn’t working on Devs Season 2 currently. Instead, he is working on a new project that will reunite the Devs cast. 

However, Devs isn’t officially canceled by its streaming platform Hulu or any of the producers. Thus, there still is a slight possibility of getting a second season. It took Garland 2 years to make the first season. If season 2 follows the same timeline then we can expect it to come out between 2024-2025. 


Devs Season 1 has a surprising ending with both Lily and Forest dying and reuniting with their loved ones in the Dev’s system. A second season will probably focus on their lives in the system and the decisions they make. They will probably not follow the program’s decisions and cause it to crash. On the other hand, Devs could become an anthology series as it deals with a multiverse. Thus, season 2 could feature a similar story with new characters. 

Devs Season 2 Cast 

If there is a second season, the following cast members will return to star in it. 

  • Lily Chan as Sonoya Mizuno
  • Nick Offerman as CEO Forest 
  • Jin Ha as Jamie
  • Linnea Berthelsen as Jen
  • Georgia King As Lianne
  • Alison Pill as Katie 

Devs Season 2 Trailer 

If filming begins this year, then we may get a trailer in 2024. As of yet, there is no news of production for Devs Season 2 beginning. Thus, fans will have to wait for quite a bit to get their first look at the second season.

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