Demon’s Souls Large Sword of Moonlight Location and Much More

Demon’s Souls was released in 2009 and since then has been famous among the masses. The game is always having amazing updates and introducing new weapons. One such weapon is the Demon’s Souls Large Sword of Moonlight. Its blue crystal blade is composed only of light and looks magical.

Where to find the Demon’s Souls Large Sword of Moonlight?

To find the Large Sword of Moonlight, you will have to go to the Swamp of Sorrow. To reach this place, you will have to opt for the fifth Archstone (Chieftan’s Archstone) and win against a boss named Leechmonger. Furthermore, after you have reached Swamp of Sorrow, you will have to explore the level and look for two giant deprived ones. Beware! They are enemies who are guarding a fog door that leads you to the rest of the area.

However, do not immediately get in a fight with them. Instead, turn left. Here you will see many flying bugs that you should avoid. As you move ahead, you will come across an area that has been infested with slugs. Continue following this path, use a wooden scaffolding close to the cliffside, and ultimately reach a nest full of dirty looking slugs. Go closer to this nest, hit it a couple of times until it eventually falls into the swamp below. 

Now, go back to the swamp and look for where the slugs fell. Fight all the slugs with Firestorm or whatever you have and get the chance to win a reward, i.e. Large Sword of Moonlight.

What is the purpose of the Large Sword of Moonlight?

It is a rare sword that can only be used when you have a magic stat of 24 or more. It mainly deals with magic damage. The sword has the ability to reduce magic damage by up to 80%. Additionally, it scales with faith. Although the sword is slow, it has the capability to give enemies a lot of damage.

Moreover, this powerful sword is one of the only two swords unaffected and can’t be blocked by shields, making it your best weapon against tanky enemies. After reaching a certain point, you can replace it at level 0 for a Ring of Devout Prayer through Sparkly the Crow.

Can the Large Sword of Moonlight be upgraded?

Large Sword of Moonlight can be upgraded from 0 till +5 with the help of Colorless Demon Souls with Blacksmith Ed. Each upgrade makes the sword much better.

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