Black Book: How To Beat The Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine

HypeTrain Digital has just released an adventure role-playing video game called Black Book and fans can’t stop obsessing over it. Players control a young witch called Vasilisa in the game as she fights battles using a card combat system based on deck building. The gameplay features a variety of locations but one particular one stands out for its immensely dangerous moonlit fields and forests. It is called Gorodishensky Ravine and is full of deadly demons. Defeating them is no easy feat and you need to be prepared. You can read our guide on Black Book: How to Beat The Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine to figure out your battle strategy. 

Location of Gorodishensky Ravine 

To reach Gorodishensky Ravine, follow the dotted line on the map that is present on the South of Miller’s windmill which is possessed by chorts. This dotted line is actually a hidden path that will lead you to your desired location.

Before going into this area, it is highly recommended to heal Vasilisa to the max. Each HP counts so make sure you don’t lack any as Gorodishensky Ravine is full of demonic entities. 

Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine

Additionally, before heading into battle, make sure your deck is full of offensive cards. This is because your defensive cards won’t be as useful. Thus, pack up your highest damage dealing word cards for battling some of Black Book’s most powerful demons. 

How many demons are there? 

There are two demons in Gorodishensky Ravine. One is a huge powerful foe while the other is its smaller-sized ally. 

  • The large enemy has the power to destroy you with a single blow! However, its attacks have a long wind up. This will give you 3 turns to play per wind up to use your best cards and deal maximum damage. 
  • The small enemy is a common lesser chort. It will only deal a little damage with its minor swipes. 

How To Beat The Demons In Gorodishensky Ravine

Now that you know a little about both demons, you should know which one to fight first. Although it may seem wise to take down the smaller demon first as it has lower HP, we don’t recommend doing this. This is because you will end up wasting a precious turn that you could’ve used to attack the bigger demon and destroy it before it launches its mighty deadly attack. 

Since the Gotodishensky Ravine appears in the initial stages of the game, you won’t have the best defensive cards. Hence, your card won’t be strong enough to protect you from the bigger demon’s deathly blows. This makes using offensive cards your best strategy. Simply use your best damage dealing cards to take down the demon in three turns. 

The smaller demon is best ignored. Just use your cards against the larger demon as it takes 3 turns to prepare its attack. All you need is a solid plan and a bit of luck to unleash powerful spells that will destroy your big foe before it attacks. Once it is defeated, move on to the smaller demon. Taking it down will be a piece of cake for you now! 

After defeating the demons, collect your rewards and move on to the next windmill to meet your next enemy.


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