Why Did Dawn and Hyuna Break Up? Relationship History Revealed

Recently, Dawn and Hyuna Break Up is making the news. After six years together, HyunA and Dawn announced they were breaking up but would remain friends. This ended one of the most publicized relationships in K-pop. HyunA made the breakup official in an Instagram post on November 30. The actress revealed that the pair split up but agreed to remain friends and work colleagues in the future. HyunA expressed gratitude to his adoring public.

Why Did Dawn and Hyuna Break Up Relationship History Revealed
Why Did Dawn and Hyuna Break Up Relationship History Revealed

Dawn and Hyuna Break Up Officially Announced 

After the singer-rapper and former member of a boy band implied in a comment that his ex-girlfriend was having an affair and concealing other details about her past from him, Dawn issued his statement on Instagram to denounce the implication. The 28-year-old announced that he would be filing suit against the source of the rumor and any others who helped spread it. As for his feelings for HyunA, Dawn reaffirmed them, saying that despite their breakup, she is still vital to him and that she is an artist he greatly admires. Therefore, they will remain friends despite Dawn and Hyuna’s Break Up. 

Rumors Of Dawn and Hyuna Break Up 

The rumors of HyunA and Dawn dating first surfaced in local Korean media in August 2018, though they had been dating in secret since 2016 when they were both members of the K-pop trio Triple H (along with Dawn’s former bandmate Hui).

Cube Entertainment, who managed both artists’ record labels then, denied the news when it was reported. Despite this, Hyuna and Dawn met with the Korean news agency Yonhap, without the permission of their label, to confirm their relationship.

As a direct result, Cube called off the surrounding promotion for a new Triple H album and ended their contracts by September. The series of events received coverage in international news outlets. While many fans had mixed feelings about how the artists and label handled the news, there was a groundswell of support on social media for the K-pop stars who stood up for their relationship despite the controversy. This is sad, considering Dawn and Hyuna Break Up. 

What Happened Before Dawn and Hyuna Break Up? 

In 2019, HyunA and Dawn became new artists under PSY’s P NATION label, which had only recently been established. PSY revealed to Billboard that same year how important HyunA was in securing a record deal for Dawn with the label. The singer of “Gangnam Style” also laughed when describing the “strange” couple. He shared how the couple competes with each other, writes songs together, and dances together. It’s very creative.

The Couple Was Supposed To Get Married 

HyunA’s comeback to the top of the charts with multiple EPs and the smash single “I’m Not Cool” came under P NATION’s umbrella, and Dawn’s first solo songs, including the singles “Money” and “Dawndididawn,” were also released during this time. HyunA and Dawn made history in the K-pop industry in 2021 when they released a collaborative EP under the moniker “HyunA Dawn,” featuring the hit single “Ping Pong,” the music video for which has amassed over 110 million views to this day.

In February of this year, Dawn reportedly commented, “MARRY ME,” on an Instagram post where the couple flaunted their matching wedding bands. There was once a post on HyunA’s account reading, “Of course, it’s a yes,” but it has since been removed. The apparent reason is Dawn and Hyuna Break Up. 

Dating Is Frowned Upon In K-Pop Industry 

In the K-pop industry, dating is generally frowned upon, and some artists are even contractually obligated to avoid romantic relationships. Therefore, Dawn and Hyuna Break Up is a little surprising. 

The public revelation of relationships has derailed the careers of some K-pop artists. However, fans, artists, and management are all coming around to the idea that it’s okay for these couples to be together. The industry leaders, such as HYBE and YG Entertainment, have recently refrained from commenting on relationship rumors between their artists, citing that the singers’ personal lives are private.

While doing so, HyunA and Dawn booked magazine covers and photoshoots together, during which they displayed open affection for one another. The millions of fans who have shown their support for HyunA and Dawn by liking and commenting on their many social media posts suggest that dating may soon become less taboo and controversial in the K-pop industry.

Dawn and Hyuna Break Up: Wrap Up 

In February this year, the pair posted a photo to Instagram that many took to be engagement rings. However, the two never officially confirmed the rumors. The end of their relationship is not the only significant development in HyunA and Dawn’s lives as of late, though. Additionally, in August, the duo shared the news that they would leave PNation.

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