Christine DeGiacomo Cause of Death Ruled Out as Homicide

The recent unveiling of the autopsy report has brought forth gruesome details regarding the cause of Christine DeGiacomo’s death. Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Dr Mitchell Weinberg, explained that her death resulted from blunt-force trauma to her head, abdomen, and chest, inflicted by a heavy object. The findings leave no doubt that her death was a clear-cut case of homicide.

Christine DeGiacomo, a Beloved Neighbor

News of Christine DeGiacomo’s untimely death has shocked her neighbours, who remember her as a friendly, helpful, and active community member. The loss of her kind and compassionate presence has deeply affected those who knew her, and she will be greatly missed.

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Christine DeGiacomo Cause of Death

The Attorney General’s office, overseeing the investigation into Christine DeGiacomo’s death, has released details surrounding the incident. A disturbance was reported at a house on 35 Shoal Creek Road, prompting concerned neighbours to contact the local police at approximately 9:44 pm. Upon arriving at the scene, the police discovered Christine DeGiacomo severely injured within the house.

She was swiftly transported to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, where medical professionals attempted to treat her injuries. Despite their efforts, the 57-year-old tragically succumbed to her wounds. The autopsy report revealed significant bleeding and injury to her abdomen, chest, and head, confirming the brutal injuries as the cause of Christine DeGiacomo’s death.

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Christine DeGiacomo Cause of Death Ruled Out as Homicide
Christine DeGiacomo Cause of Death Ruled Out as Homicide

Christine DeGiacomo’s Murderer

Tragically, Christine DeGiacomo was brutally murdered by her 26-year-old son, Grant DeGiacomo, at their home. Grant DeGiacomo is currently being held without bail at the Hillsborough County House of Corrections, facing charges for this heinous crime. Regrettably, this is not the first time Grant has had trouble with the law.

Grant DeGiacomo: A Troubled Individual

Grant DeGiacomo, now the prime suspect in the murder investigation linked to Christine DeGiacomo’s cause of death, has a history of run-ins with the police. In 2020, he was charged recklessly using a firearm while under the influence. Police were previously called to the same address at 11:00 pm due to a family member filing a complaint. Grant claimed it was an accidental incident, resulting in his intent to harm being ruled out. He faced light sentencing, pleading guilty, but his one-year jail time was suspended under certain conditions, including a prohibition on possessing firearms and living with his mother, Christine.

Sadly, nobody could have predicted that Grant DeGiacomo would become the cause of Christine DeGiacomo’s death within three years.

Weapon Used in Christine DeGiacomo’s Death

As of now, the police have not recovered the weapon used in the homicide. Discovering the gun could strengthen the case against Grant DeGiacomo, the prime suspect. Both Grant and Christine lived together after Grant’s firearm rights were revoked. The significant trauma to Christine’s head indicates blunt-force trauma caused by a forceful impact from a blunt object or a fall from height, which may explain the multiple traumatic injuries on her chest and abdomen.

Grant’s lawyers have pleaded not guilty, as the autopsy findings have only ruled out the cause of Christine DeGiacomo’s death, while the identity of the murderer, the weapon used, and the intent behind the crime remain unknown.

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Grant DeGiacomo’s Waiver of Arraignment

Grant DeGiacomo’s lawyer filed a waiver of arraignment in the murder trial, pleading not guilty to the Class A felony charges. The waived arraignment signifies that Grant is contesting the accusations. The trial proceedings will commence in the coming days, and until proven guilty, the allegations against Grant DeGiacomo regarding Christine DeGiacomo’s cause of death should be viewed as baseless.


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