Celebrities Pay Rob Burrow Tribute Following his Death from Motor Neurone Disease

Rob Burrow tribute is in order after he died of Motor Neurone Disease. He was diagnosed in 2019, but his illness never stopped him from achieving everything he set his mind to. Burrow has made tremendous contributions to rugby and for the advocacy of MND. Celebrities acknowledged his efforts and mourned his untimely loss by flooding social media.

Rob Burrow Tribute After the News of His Death Came Out on Sunday

Tribute To Rob Burrow After His Death

Rob Burrow died at 41, his family and the Leeds Rhinos team released the statement on Sunday.
”Rob has always been a true inspiration throughout his life whether that was on the rugby league field or during his battle with MND. He never allowed others to define what he could achieve and believed in his own ability to do more.”

His resilience, dedication, and sportsmanship were honored and praised in a series of Rob Burrow tributes.

Prince WilliamPrince William's Tribute

Prince William, aged 41, expressed his condolences for rugby star Rob Burrow, who passed away after battling Motor Neuron Disease since December 2019.
He had the opportunity to meet both Burrow and Kevin Sinfield in January when he presented them with CBE honors bestowed by King Charles in the New Year’s list.

William conveyed a heartfelt Rob Burrow tribute to his wife, Lindsey, and their three children through a personal message shared on his and Kate Middleton’s joint social media accounts shortly after the news of Burrow’s passing emerged on Sunday.

“A legend of Rugby League, Rob Burrow had a huge heart,” William wrote. “He taught us, ‘in a world full of adversity, we must dare to dream.’ Catherine and I send our love to Lindsey, Jackson, Maya and Macy. W”

Kevin Sinfield’s Endearing Rob Burrow Tribute

Kevin Sinfield's Tribute

In a Rob Burrow tribute shared on social media, Kevin Sinfield expressed his sorrow, saying, “Today was the day I hoped would never come.” He continued by acknowledging Rob Burrow’s enduring inspiration, stating, “You will continue to inspire me every day.” Sinfield also praised Burrow’s resilience, highlighting him as the toughest and bravest individual he ever met, especially since his diagnosis. He remarked on Burrow’s remarkable spirit over the past 4 and a half years, showcasing to the world what true living and loving meant, always with a radiant smile. Sinfield concluded with a heartfelt farewell, expressing, “I will miss you my little mate.”

Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson's Tribute

The comedian hailing from Lancashire tweeted,

”I’m so sorry. I’ve never felt an atmosphere like the one at the Rob Burrow Strictly Ball. Such overwhelming love in the room. It was an honour to perform for this incredible man and his amazing family and I hope that love is reaching them today.”

Sir Bill Beaumont

Sir Bill Beaumont’s Tribute

The president of World Rugby tweeted,

On behalf of the global rugby family, I would like to extend condolences to the family and friends of Rob Burrow. Rob was an inspiration to millions, raising awareness & vital research funds while fighting his brave battle with the MND. Rest in peace.”

Josh Charnley

Josh Charnley's Tribute

The rugby player posted a picture on Instagram for Rob Burrow tribute with the following caption

“Rest easy little man, True inspiration to everyone.”

Zoe Ball

Zoe Ball's Tribute

The presenter from Blackpool also expressed his sorrows on Instagram

Rest well Rob Burrow. Thank you for all your campaigning @mndassoc for the MND family. You are a true hero. All the love to Rob’s wife, children & friends”

Charlotte Dawson and Jordan Wylie, both hailing from Blackpool, also gave a memorial Rob Burrow tribute on their Instagram stories.

Jamie Jones-Buchanan Paid Rob Burrow Tribute on Monday

Jamie Jones-Buchanan's Tribute

Jamie Jones-Buchanan, a former teammate of Rob Burrow, visited Headingley on Monday morning to pay his respects. He described Burrow as a shining light and the embodiment of Leeds, echoing tributes left at the statue of John Holmes. Jones-Buchanan emphasized Burrow’s legacy of courage, emphasizing his willingness to fight for what he believed in both on and off the field. He highlighted Burrow’s influence beyond sports, noting his ability to convey messages of love, altruism, and benevolence through the media.

Esther Wakeman

Esther Wakeman's Tribute

Esther Wakeman, the chief executive of Leeds Hospitals Charity, expressed profound sadness at the passing of their patron, Rob Burrow. She hailed him as an inspiration not just to Yorkshire but to people worldwide.
Wakeman highlighted Burrow’s courage in sharing his personal journey, demonstrating how to embrace life fully despite challenges. Thanks to Burrow’s dedication, over £5.8 million has been raised for a specialized center for those with MND and their families.

Wakeman emphasized that the center would be a testament to Burrow’s legacy and vision. She shared plans to commence construction, with the community’s continued support needed to fulfill the £1 million fundraising goal. Wakeman concluded by affirming the center’s lasting impact in supporting patients and families, fulfilling Burrow’s wishes.

The flooding of Rob Burrow’s tribute on social media is a testament to his greatness. He was a seasoned rugby player, a philanthropist, and a proactive MND advocate. Moreover, his impact surpasses his death with the millions he has raised for charity and the rugby legacy he has left behind. The all-rounder was a great athlete, husband, father, and warrior. Rest in peace, Rob Burrow.


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