Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen out in 2022?

The popular first-person shooter MMOG game Destiny 2 has been showcasing Savathun, the Witch Queen, for several years. Now, the game’s developing company Bungie has finally revealed information about this mighty foe’s release date in a new expansion. Savathun has previously been discussed in the game several times through weapon and armor-related lore. However, she was not shown as a direct enemy that players will need to defeat to make progress in the game until now. Battling her is going to be really hard as she is the Taken King’s sister and thus, possesses mighty powers. So when will fans be able to battle this formidable Queen? Will they get any new weapons or armor to fight her? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen expansion. 

Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen Release Date

Initially, Bungie had scheduled the Witch Queen expansion for 2021. However, due to the pandemic, the expansion’s development was delayed. The new release date for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen was announced by Bungie on August 24, 2021, in Gamescom 2021. The new expansion will be coming to our consoles on February 22, 2022. 

During this period, Destiny 2 is getting a new expansion called The Season of the Lost which will set the stage for the Witch Queen’s arrival. The expansion gives us our very first look at the Witch Queen. Players will have to face her to get to Mara Sov’s Witch Coven as she is also after it. 

Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen Plot and Gameplay 

The new expansion will feature a new world called the Throne World. This will be a sub-dimensional magical realm. It has been described by Bungie as: 

“Throne World plays host to a fragile balance of power from her palace to the swamp… all that she hides can be found here.” 

bungie destiny 2 witch queen

Savathun and her minions steal the Light and use it against the Guardians, the players in the Witch Queen expansion. It is a Legendary difficulty campaign. And enemies are stronger and more powerful. The number of times that players will be able to respawn in missions will also be limited. However, this also means that completing missions will yield greater rewards! 

Bungie has yet to reveal more details about the gameplay and we will be sure to update you guys as soon as they do! 


The major enemy of the expansion is obviously the powerful Witch Queen. She will have the ability to yield the Light to strengthen her minions. These minions are called the Hive soldiers. She will use this light to bring corrupted Ghosts to life. These ghosts will empower the Hive soldiers by bringing them back to life and giving them the power of the light. The Hive light-bearers will be extremely difficult to destroy as players will first need to destroy the ghosts that created them. In one of the trailers, we saw The Hive Lightbearers defending a fortress in a huge forest that is full of corrupted ghosts. 

Additionally, Orisis, a former ally, may also become one of the major enemies that players will need to battle. This is because he becomes one of Savathun’s puppets when he meets her. 

New Weapons and Crafting System

Destiny 2 will be releasing its first melee weapon in the Witch Queen expansion. It will be called the Glaive. It is essentially an energy weapon. And can be used for projectile attacks, deadly melee combos, and creating a deployable energy shield.  Along with the Glaive, Bungie will also bring back the Gjallarhorn- an iconic weapon! 

Players will also get an exclusive new ability- the ability to craft their own weapons! They will be able to customize their weapons using exclusive one-of-a-kind mods, shaders, and stack combinations. They can level up their crafting system by using more and more customized weapons. 

Gaming Platforms

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion will be released on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, and Google Stadia. 

Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen Cost

The Witch Queen Deluxe Standard edition can be preordered on any of the above-mentioned gaming platforms for $39.99. To get the deluxe edition, players will have to pay $79.99. And the Deluxe 30th Anniversary bundle will cost $99.99. There is also a special collector’s edition which costs $149.99 without code and $249.99 with code. 

Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Upon pre-ordering, players will get the following rewards- 

The Deluxe Standard Edition will reward the player with exotic gear, six-player activities, weapon crafting and Glaive weapon archetype. 

Players will be awarded with Exotic SMG, catalyst, ornament, two new Year 5 dungeons, exotic sparrow in the Throne World, and Destiny 2’s season 16-19 seasonal content in the deluxe edition. 

The Deluxe Edition and 30th Anniversary Bundle will give players a new dungeon, Helmet ornament, Thorn armour set, and Gjallarhorn Exotic rocket ornament. It will also give catalyst and launcher. Players will also get the Marathon Themed ornament set, past Bungie worlds-inspired weapons, Exotic sparrows and ship, Bungie Streetwear ornament set, and exclusive new shaders, emblems, and emotes. 

The Collectors Edition will give you all the above-mentioned rewards. It will also give a Witch Queen digital soundtrack, Lucent Hive Ghost Replica with stand, and The Hidden ID badge. It will also give a dossier along with a psychometer replica with sounds and light. Unique Collector’s Edition emblems and Lenticular reveal cards will also be given to players. 

Bungie Destiny 2 Witch Queen Trailers

Bungie has revealed two trailers for the Witch Queen. They have been mentioned down below. 

The Reveal Trailer- This trailer gives players a sneak peek of what the Witch Queen expansion has in store for them. It features a forest swarming with Hive soldiers. We also see the Hive God aka the Witch Queen along with some exclusive footage of the gameplay. 

The Gameplay Trailer- The trailer introduces us to Savathun as the God Cunning and Lies who has been strategizing ever since her brother Oryx’s death. Although it doesn’t feature a lot of fighting or any new weapons, it shows us the enemies we will be battling. 

As the release date approaches, Bungie will reveal more trailers regarding weapons, battle strategy, and much more. We anticipate the release of exclusive footage regarding the Witch Queen Expansion in December on Bungie’s 30th anniversary.


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