What is the Blue Protocol Release Date in the West?

West gamers rejoice! Amazon Games and Bandai Namco Studios is about release a role-playing action game in the west in 2023.

What is the Blue Protocol Release Date in the West
What is the Blue Protocol Release Date in the West

Blue Protocol release date will be somewhere in 2023. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for it so far.

Blue Protocol release date: What Classes Are Available In Blue Protocol?

  1. The Blade Warden: The Blade Warden is the melee class in Blue Protocol, seen to be wielding a sword and shield in the early gameplay footage shared below on the official YouTube channel.
  2. The Twin Striker: Twin Striker is a fast-paced melee class that dual-wields two hatchets. The gameplay mechanics for this class suggest some “Berserker” system with a gauge that fills up based on your attacks. You can see some of the early gameplay footage of this class in the video below.
  3. The Keen Strider: Keen Strider is the game’s ranged class. We only have a little more information on this class, except that the primary weapon is a bow.
  4. The Spell Weaver: A typical Mage Class that we have seen some early gameplay of and seen to be wielding elemental powers with Fire, Ice, etc.
  5. The damage-dealing Foe Breaker is a slow DPS melee class with a giant hammer that crosses as a cannon.

Characters in Blue Protocol :

  1. Aerin– A woman who appeared from a “pillar of the gods” has completed the “Great Mission” by surpassing the limits of time and space.
  2. Carvin – A trustworthy warrior with a strong sense of justice and excellent abilities is someone you can count on.
  3. Charlotte – A rising diva who is often reckless and cheerful at the same time.
  4. Dunkirk – The leader of the Knights of Dunkirk is a renowned warrior, and people all over the globe admire and respect him.
  5. Entrain– an attentive friend who will always be on your side.
  6. Jake – Jake is an adventurer from the land of Asteria. He regards himself as “the best of the best.” Despite his great skill, he must be more serious about his actions.
  7. Merlouf – He is a mysterious boy who appears from nowhere. It is difficult to understand his true motives, as he stares at you constantly.
  8. Tyris – Tyris is Aerin’s bodyguard. She will make the most of any situation if it’s the right thing to do.

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