EntertainmentAlice in borderland season 2 Release Date countdown:

Alice in borderland season 2 Release Date countdown:

Alice in borderland season 2 Release Date countdown:

Alice in the borderland season 2 release date is 22 Dec 2022. It is a Japanese Science fiction series. Viewers were thrilled from all over the world after they watched season 1 of Alice in Borderland. They are now waiting patiently for the second season to appear on screens. The following article focuses on the cast, storyline, and other details of the new season of Alice in the Borderland. If you want to know more, then continue reading.

Alice in borderland season 2 Release Date countdown
Alice in borderland season 2 Release Date countdown

Story of Alice in the Borderland:

Alice in Borderland is adapted from Imawa no Kuni no Alice by Hara Aso from the manga series. The story revolves around an unemployed gamer, Arisu, who wakes up in the deserted version of Tokyo and finds himself against lethal challenges to survive. Playing cards determine all the challenges. The cards’ variety of themes and numbers decide different game levels.

The games are an amalgam of Alice in wonderland and Squid game ambitiousness.

Alice in Borderland season 2:

Alice in Borderland season 2 will be even more extravagant, wild, and heroic. The twists and climax are expected to be more deadly in the barren streets of the city of Tokyo. Season 2 will resume from the endpoint of season 1. In season 2, all the face cards are remained to be collected in the deck. Alice in the Borderland season 2 will also reveal the sadist people behind the idea of these barbaric games.

The survivors from season 1 are left to play the remaining games. The players, while playing the horrific games, will face death. Only the face cards can get into the deck in the second season. With each card, a new person comes, which the players must defeat to survive and be at the next level. The ending of the game is ambiguous. Arisu and Usagi are still determining whether they will be freed from these evil games after winning them. They will question their survival, and there is an element of existential crisis throughout the episodes.

The audience is just as panicked and trying to manifest the purpose behind all these Satanist plantations in Borderlands. Season 2 of this heart-racing series has thrilled the audience as it will have more twists and deadly challenges than the last season.

The setting of Season 2:

The setting of the second season of this phenomenal science fiction takes place in two different Tokyo. First is the swarming city, and then a fictional version called the Borderlands.

The climax of Season 2:

During the climax of season 2, the people living at the beach will be asked who the Witch is. Many players will be killed due to the confusion in the game. After that, the players will be asked to burn the Witch’s body on a bonfire. All this would happen when Arisu and Usagi would find evidence on Momoka’s phone and locate the control room. There the suspected game masters would be killed, revealing Momoka and Asahi as dealers of the game, not competitors.

Towards the end, a woman appears on screen who calls herself Mira. She claims that the games have just started and would invite the survivors to higher stages of the game. With this statement, it is clear that the games are not over yet, and more wild and horrific games will be waiting.

Arisu and Usagi will continue to play these games to find the real mystery and evil game dealers who run these mysteriously horrifying and malicious nature games.

Will Season 3 of Alice on the Borderland come?

Season 1 covered 31 chapters from the manga series, from which 33 branches are left to appear on screens. If season 2 will cover all the remaining chapters, then there is no possibility of season 3. But if only some of the chapters are included, then season 3 will drop. Let us know if you are excited for season 2 to appear on Netflix.

New Cast Members in Season 2:

There will be six new cast members in the second season of Alice in the Borderland. Tomohisa Yamapi will play the role of Kyuuma Ginji, The King of Clubs.

Yuri Tsunematsu will be playing Akane Hiya. Isomura Hayato has been selected to play the role of Sunato Banda. Enji Matsushits, the Jack of Hearts, will be played by Inowaki Kai. Magma will play the role of Oki Yaba, and Sato Honami will play the role of Kotoka Shiga.

We patiently wait for season 2 of Alice in the Borderland to drop on Netflix. It will surely be a significant contribution to the science fiction genre. The games will be more drastic, challenging, and deadly, making this Japanese science fiction popular.

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