Back 4 Blood Releasing in October?

Turtle Rock Studios is finally giving fans a brand new co-op shooter game after 11 years of waiting! This upcoming game called Back 4 Blood is going to be sort of a sequel to the Left 4 Dead video series which dominated the 2000’s gaming world. It is going to feature lots of deadly zombies, strategic card decks, and weapons! The game was supposed to be debuting in July 2021 but almost one month later it is still not here! Why did Turtle Rock Studio delay releasing Back 4 Blood? What is the new release date? Are there any trailers? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about this upcoming first-person shooter survival game. 

Back 4 Blood Release Date

Back 4 Blood was initially announced for release on July 22, 2021. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the release date had to be pushed back! The game will now be released on October 12, 2021. 


Back 4 Blood takes place in an apocalyptic world where a parasite named the Devil Worm has killed almost everyone. The 4 main characters are the only ones immune to the parasite. Fortunately, some lucky humans called cleaners have managed to survive as well. Together they must take on the undead zombies called Ridden before they kill the last remnants of humanity. The Game Creators have said that Back 4 Blood requires players to not only survive the zombie takeover but also fight it while trying to create a new place to live. 

Back 4 Blood Gameplay 

Back 4 Blood’s Gameplay resembles that of Left 4 Dead in almost every way. Players have the option of teaming up with three other players or opting for three AI teammates. Then, this team of 4 will slay hundreds of zombies while trying to level up and reach safe rooms. Players will also have the option of teaming up with 8 players in the Player vs Player (PvP) mode. They will be equipped with melee weapons (axes, machetes, etc) as well as guns as they battle several enemies (which are mentioned later in the article). 

However, unlike Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Dead will have a unique rogue-lite card system. These cards add a special feature of extreme replayability as each match will be different.

Back 4 Blood 

The cards will make each match unpredictable as they decide the enemies that players will face as well the bonuses and buffs they will get. At the beginning of each match, the Game Director hand picks Corruption cards against which players will have to fight. These cards control different types of enemies and when they appear along with also controlling the weather conditions. They decide the challenges that players will have to face in each match. Once the Game Director is done with picking his cards, players will get the option of picking out three cards to aid them from a fifteen-card deck. Some cards will boost melee damage, some will increase ammo storage space while others will heal players. 

Back 4 Blood Characters

There are eight playable characters in Back 4 Blood. Each character has its own set of perks in the form of buffs. The characters along with their buffs have been mentioned down below.

Walker- Choosing him will increase the overall team health while also increasing accuracy in precision kills. He also has the ability to deal extra damage.

  • Doc- He makes the team resistant to trauma while also increasing their healing abilities.
  • Karlee- She senses hazards and can warn everyone about incoming danger. She also has an extra slot in quick inventory which can be extremely useful for storing weapons and ammunition. Choosing her will also increase her teammates’ speed.
  • Jim- His accuracy in precision kills is increased. He also has the ability to aim down sights faster. 
  • Hoffman- Choosing him will allow your team to have extra ammo capacity. You will also have space for one more offensive item. Hoffman’s biggest buff is his ability to spawn ammo with each kill. 
  • Evangelo- His stamina is regenerable and he also increases his teammates’ movement speed. Additionally, he can also break out of zombie grabs which is almost impossible for other characters. 
  • Mom- She instantly revives and also gives everyone on her team an extra life. She also has one extra slot in the support inventory. 
  • Holly- Her buffs are damage-resistant and enhance the whole team’s stamina. She can also kill and recover stamina!

Since each team can only have 4 characters, you need to carefully pick out your team. 


Players will have the option to choose from several weapons including shotguns, handguns, machine guns, and snipers. Additionally, a wide range of melee weapons including axes and machetes will also be available. 


As an iconic zombie shooter game, Back 4 Blood will be full of zombies of all kinds. They’re divided into four classes which have been mentioned down below.

Common Ridden

These zombies are extremely abundant. They’re really not much of a threat but you will be running into thousands of these in each session so be prepared!


This zombie family is a little bit more threatening. They run at surprisingly fast speeds and can attack you from a distance. Fortunately, they have low health so you can take them down fairly easily. There are a few differences among the members of this family. The hocker zombies will pin down players using a sticky projectile. On the other hand, Stalkers will pounce on players and take them away from their group. The Stingers use a nasty vision-obscuring projectile from a distance so be sure to look out for them! 

Retch/ Exploder/ Reeker

These are immensely threatening zombies with toxic insides! Their exploding bodies and acidic vomits will take down even the mightiest of players if they’re not careful enough. Retch zombies use a pool of acidic vomit to take down a whole team of cleaners. Exploders will use explosions to deal massive damage to players and their teams. Reekers will explode after dying and cover players in sticky pus that slows them down. 

Bruiser/Crusher/ Tallboy

They are massive in size but generally have slow speeds. Bruisers use deadly smashes while Crushers grab and squeeze the life out of players to destroy them.  Tallboys move slowly but their overhead attacks are extremely dangerous. 


Although snitchers can’t deal much damage themselves, they act as an alarm and attract thousands of ridden towards you. Thus, it is best to hide from them and wait for them to leave. 


These are particularly disgusting zombies with long arms. They reach out and swallow players whole! 


They lay in fleshy pods and wait for players to walk underneath them. Then, they burst from their pod and pin the unlucky player to the ground. Once someone is pinned down, they can’t be saved unless a teammate steps in. 


Gorillas like zombies that send out powerful shockwaves. These waves knockdown players and deal massive damage. 


Ginormous zombies are extremely intimidating. They emerge from the ground and destroy everything and everyone in their path. Destroying them is almost impossible and you will need lots of ammunition and explosives to do so.

As of yet, these are the only ridden families revealed by Turtle Rock Studios. However, we are sure more families will make their debuts once the game is released. 

Back 4 Blood Gaming Platforms 

Back 4 Blood will be released on almost all gaming consoles including Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Playstation 4 and 5. 

Back 4 Blood

You can play the game on your PC by purchasing the game from Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store. 

Minimum System Requirements 

The minimum system requirements for Back 4 Blood are:

  • Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU 
  • 12 GB RAM
  • Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System 
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 590 Video Card 
  • 5.1 Pixel And Vertex Shader
  • 25 GB Free Disk Space 
  • 4096 MB Dedicated Video RAM 

Back 4 Blood Price

Back 4 Blood will have three editions of different prices. The standard edition will cost $59.99, the Deluxe one will cost $89.99 and the Ultimate Edition will cost $99.99. 

Back 4 Blood Trailers

Turtle Rock Studios has released 4 trailers till now.

The first one is a release trailer that is two minutes and sixteen seconds long. It gives us a small glimpse of the game and features a bunch of people with guns killing hundreds of zombies.

The second one is a Gameplay demo trailer. It opens with the player leaving a safe room only to be surrounded by lots of zombies. He has a gun as his weapon and shoots at as many enemies as he can. We also see a Tank/Boomer hybrid thing which looks absolutely horrifying. Honestly, we can’t wait to set it on fire and burn it to ashes! 

There is also a card system trailer which is pretty long. It tells players about how they can use either pre-made decks or customized ones to add buffs and bonuses. 

The last trailer introduces us to all the playable characters in the game. It is called Meet the Cleaners.

All four trailers are available for viewing on Youtube.

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