Baby Bump Video From Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Fuels Rumors That She Is Pregnant With Travis Kelce’s Child

Taylor Swift’s recent Eras Tour has taken the internet by storm as a video is going viral that she might be pregnant with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s child. The trending video on the internet shows a small baby bump however nothing has been confirmed or denied yet.

The short clip which was circulating on X, gained more than 5 million views in a very short span of time. Both the Taylor Swift fans who are commonly known as Swifties and the general audience watched the video and discussed the rumor that the popular singer might be pregnant. However, most of the users disapproved or dismissed the pregnancy rumors.

The potentially baseless rumor has caused a huge stir on social media. Despite Taylor Swift having six months left on her Eras Tour and Travis Kelce being physically away from her, the baby bump video is garnering huge reactions online and would create significant complications in their highly publicized relationship.

Taylor Swift’s Pregnancy Rumors

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

The rumors of Taylor Swift being pregnant with the child of Travis Kelce sparked after a video of hers started getting viral on Twitter. In the video, the singer is seen wearing a sparkly tight red onesie, which is one of her patent looks in the Eras Tour.

The video which was recorded by a fan does not show Taylor in the most flattering way because her midsection appears bigger or bulkier than normal leading to some viewers thinking that she might have a baby bump, which suggests pregnancy. However, these remain speculations at the moment because nothing has been confirmed or denied as of now. As There were no pregnancy announcements on the musician’s social media accounts, such as Instagram, TikTok or X.

Viral Video Sparks Controversy Online

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

After the rumors started to circulate on social media, some fans of Taylor Swift were upset by the implication of the video that the only possible reason for a woman having a bigger midsection is that she is pregnant. They were frustrated that the video depicted a narrow standard and people were not considering other explanations for why a woman’s stomach might appear bulkier.

Some swifties came in defense and said that she might be on her menstrual cycle or have gained a little weight or it could be possible that she might have pooch like other women. People should stop assuming that women are pregnant just because their midsection appears bigger.

Though the likelihood of Taylor Swift being pregnant with Travis Kelce’s child is low at the moment, the recent rumors clearly show how much interest people have in this high-profile relationship and are curious to see what will happen next in their relationship. As earlier the same rumour circulated and everyone was looking for the answer of question, Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?


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