Against The Ice: Expected Release Date & Updates!

The incredible new Netflix Arctic survivor drama “Against The Ice” has all the excitement and peril you’d expect when Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole teams together with Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

They portray a couple of Danish explorers, Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen and his crewman Iver Iversen, and it seems like there will be a lot of action and combat throughout their quest for life in Greenland, as the pair will be battling against polar bears on screen!

Against The Ice is a real story of Ejnar, who was on a journey to refute the United States’ claim to the island republic of Greenland’s northeastern part. Greenland was separated into two independent pieces of land at the time, allowing the US to assert the northeast as their domain.

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Ejnar, on the other hand, was eager to uncover evidence that this was not the case and return Greenland to Denmark’s sovereignty.

Here’s all you need to learn about Netflix’s upcoming adventure Against The Ice, which will premiere in early 2022.

The Release Date for ‘against the Ice’ Has Been Set

In February 2022, Against the Ice will have its global debut at the Berlin Film Festival. It then has its global release on Netflix on March 2, 2022. Its runtime will be one hour and 42 minutes.

Is the Trailer for ‘against the Ice’ Available?

Yes, Netflix has published a trailer for Against The Ice. “When you venture into unfamiliar areas to find new sections of the world, it is to guarantee that the records of your findings are returned back safe and sound,” Charles Dance’s role Neergaard declares as the Danish explorers trek through the snow and ice.

The Plot of ‘against the Ice’

Against The Ice takes place in 1909, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stars as Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen, who leads Denmark’s Alabama Mission. The team wants to dispute the United States’ allegation that Greenland is divided into two islands and put an end to their allegation to North-Eastern Greenland.

Mikkelsen abandons his ship and goes over the ice with his youthful, inexperienced crewman Iver Iversen (Joe Cole).

Against The Ice
Against The Ice

However, despite discovering evidence that Greenland is a solitary island, getting back to the ship proves to be far more difficult than anticipated. After battling great hunger, exhaustion, and a polar bear assault, they arrive to discover their ship destroyed in the ice and the campsite deserted.

Can they battle to stay alive as the days get longer and their mental grasp on reality begins to deteriorate, creating mistrust and paranoia?

“Against The Ice” is an intensive investigation of two individuals, two opposites locked in an epic perilous situation, according to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

“It’s also a narrative of surviving under great strain and conditions, of continual survival, battling off risks of extreme cold, lack of food, hungry polar bears, and, not least, the vulnerability of the human psyche.”

Casts of ‘Against The Ice’

Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau portrayed dynamic Jaime Lannister in HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones, for which he garnered two Emmy Award nominations. He was probably suitable for the action part necessary for playing Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen in Against The Ice.

In addition, he has acted in films such as Black Hawk Down, Wimbledon, and Kingdom of Heaven.

BAFTA nominee Joe Cole co-stars with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Against The Ice as crewmen Iver Iversen. Joe gained prominence in Peaky Blinders as Birmingham mobster brother John Shelby.

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He’s also been in Pure, Skins, Black Mirror, and last year in Sky’s dark drama Gangs of London as gangster’s son Sean Wallace. Joe has also recently begun production for ITV on the iconic 1960s spy drama The Ipcress File.

Charles Dance plays Neergard in Against The Ice, with Joe Cole and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Charles, of course, co-starred with Nikolaj in Game of Thrones as Jaime Lannister’s father Tywin Lannister.

Icelandic actress Heida Reed, who played Elizabeth Warleggan in the BBC miniseries Poldark, is also in the cast as Naja, as is Ed Speelers (Downton Abbey, Outlander, Wolf Hall).

Look out for Sam Redford in the role of Laub, Gsli rn Gararsson in the role of Jörgensen, Frankie Wilson in the role of Unger, Orsteinn Bachmann in the role of Amdrup, Diarmaid Murtagh in the role of Poulsen, and Nick Jameson in the role of Holm.

What Else Do We Know About ‘against the Ice’?

The one-off English language movie Against The Ice has been characterized as “a genuine story of friendship, love, and the amazement power of friendship.” It was made into a screenplay by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Derrick from Ejnar Mikkelsen’s source Danish novel Two Against The Ice.

The film was shot in Iceland and Denmark, with award-winning Danish filmmaker Peter Flint in the lead.

“From the outset, Against The Ice has been a passionate endeavor for me. It incorporates several of my favorite themes: adventure, Greenland, camaraderie, loyalty, and love “Nikolaj Coster-Waldau states.

“Ejnar Mikkelsen’s novel Two Against The Ice was provided to me by Peter Flint. I read it, fell madly in love with it, and began adapting it with Joe Derrick. It’s our first production, but by chance, Netflix decided to be the place for our film, for which I will be eternally thankful. I can’t wait to show Against The Ice to viewers all across the world.”

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