Review of 7 Women and a Murder: A Typical Crime Drama Mystery

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the Italian murder-mystery satire film 7 Women and a Murder debuted on Netflix. The film hails from the country of Italy. The film, which Alessandro Genovesi directed, was inspired by a French film released in 2002 and titled 8 Women. Francois Ozon directed that film.

It hasn’t even been a week since 7 Women and a Murder was made available on Netflix. It’s already garnering a lot of attention from viewers thanks to its theatrical and refreshingly original storytelling, along with excellent direction and superb acting performances by the lead ensemble cast, all of which culminate in a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

Review of 7 Women and a Murder A Typical Crime Drama Mystery
Review of 7 Women and a Murder A Typical Crime Drama Mystery

The Plot Of 7 Women and a Murder

The seven female characters in the Italian murder mystery are at the center of the investigation into the death of Marcello, the head of their household. Throughout the film, each of the seven women has a secret that is eventually revealed. As a result, they begin to suspect one another of having committed the murder, only to find out in the end that Marcello was not the one who was killed.

What To Expect From 7 Women and a Murder?

The script was written by Alessandro Genovesi and Lisa Nur Sultan, who did an excellent job maintaining the film’s comedic tone while successfully defending its satirical point of view. As a result, the movie isn’t hard to follow, especially considering it’s a murder mystery. The writing in “7 Women and a Murder” keeps its straightforward style throughout, but it can still produce the sort of dramatic effect that one would anticipate from a satire.

This film moves at a much faster pace than the majority of other murder mysteries. The transitions between scenes are brief, which lends the film an upbeat tone and a brisk pace, both of which successfully keep up with the overall structure and writing of the satire.

Alessandro Genovesi, the film’s director, has done an outstanding job capturing and directing the movie in such a way that it gives the audience the experience of watching it in a movie theatre.

7 Women and a Murder: Casts

Scenes where characters discover something surprising about themselves—like when Margherita and Veronica find they’ve been seeing the same man or when Caterina reveals the truth about Marcello’s murder—are especially well-directed and entertaining.

Margherita Buy plays the role of Margherita in 7 Women and a Murder. Sabrina Impacciatore plays the role of Agostina, Diana Del Buffalo plays the role of Susanna, Benedetta Porcaroli plays the role of Caterina, and Luisa Ranieri plays the role of Maria. Micaela Ramazzotti plays the role of Veronica. Ornella Vanoni plays the role of Rachele.

Reception of 7 Women and a Murder

The seven actresses who share the role of the ensemble cast have done an outstanding job of giving life to their positions. In this regard, special recognition should be given to Margherita Buy in the role of Margherita and Micaela Ramazzotti as her character Veronica for their performances that were restrained yet compelling.

The over-the-top screen presence and performances of the cast have contributed to the movie’s ability to keep its satirical tone throughout. 

Overall, it is safe to say that viewers who are looking for a new and exciting take on murder mysteries should give the show 7 Women and a Murder a shot.

7 Women and a Murder, a new Netflix original comedy-crime mystery premiering on the streaming service on December 28, follows a fairly standard formula for this type of story. Unfortunately, this Italian remake of the original French cult classic, 8 Women, which was released in 2002, did not do well with critics, even though the trailer for the film gives the impression that it could be very promising. The movie has received a score of 5.4 out of 10 on IMDB, while the audience score on Rotten Tomato is 45%.

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