1923 Season 2: 1923 Renewed for a Second Season on Paramount+

If the ending of the first season of 1883 was a disappointment for you, we are happy to inform you that you are in for a treat. 1923 season 2 is happening! Days back, Paramount+ ordered for 1923 season 2. Speculation of 1923 season 2 has been making rounds since last October. It was because another season was required to give the viewers the entire story of the Dutton family. 1923 season 2 will attract the same number of viewers as the previous season, which became the most-watched premiere season on Paramount+. It managed to have over 7.4 million viewers. Here is everything we know about 1923 season 2.

1923 season 2: Release Date

Currently, the first season of 1923 is still running. The first season of the series houses eight episodes, and the finale episode will air on 26 February. Because Paramount+ has just ordered 1923 season 2, and the first season is still running, we expect the second season to premiere later this year. However, it is officially not confirmed. We will update the section with the official release date once there is an official announcement.

According to reports, the filming of the second season will begin in spring this year. Also, the previous season took ten months to finish the shooting. Therefore, if the upcoming season also takes the same time, we can expect 1923 season 2 to be out in 2024. However, nothing is officially confirmed. Nevertheless, the facts indicate the second season has more probability of premiering in 2024 instead of 2023.

Sources indicate 1923 season 2 will also house eight episodes, just like the first season.

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What Will 1923 Season 2 Be About?

If you are watching the series’ first season, you already know it follows the story of 1883. The setup of 1923 season 1 is just a decade after 1883. In both series, James and Margaret Dutton’s daughter narrates the story to the viewers. The current series revolves around the Dutton family tree again, focusing on the couple’s surviving children.

1923 Renewed for a Second Season on Paramount+
1923 Renewed for a Second Season on Paramount+

It is hard to guess the plot of season 2 right now because the first season is currently running. We are still determining the direction the series will go in the upcoming episodes. Only after the first season’s finale episode is released will we have a better idea about what we can expect from the forthcoming season. Also, the official synopsis of 1923 season 2 needs to be included. We will update the section after the finale episode to tell you more about the plot of 1923 season 2.

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1923 season 2: Cast

We expect all the primary casts to return for the upcoming season. If it happens, we hope the following actors and actresses in the second season.

  • Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton
  • Helen Mirren as Cara Dun
  • Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton
  • Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra
  • Darn Mann as Jack Dutton
  • Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton
  • Brian Geraghty as Zane Davis
  • Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford
  • Aminah Nieves as Teonna Rainwater
  • Caleb Martin as Dennis

Here is more information about the crew involved in the series. MTV Entertainment Studios, Bosque Productions, and 101 Studios are the show’s producers. The executive producer o the show are:

  • Sheridan
  • David C. Glasser
  • John Linson
  • Art Linson
  • Ron Burkle
  • David Hutkin
  • Bob Yari
  • Ben Richardson


Paramount+ has just announced 1923 season 2. The filming of the same is yet to begin. It is too early for a trailer for the second season; we must remember that the first season is still running. We will update the post with the official trailer of the second season once it is out. However, till then, you will have to wait.

Where To Watch 1923 season 2?

1923 season 2 will exclusively be available on Paramount+.

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