12 Soap Spoiler Photos Coronation Street Sex Allegations, Emmerdale Aarons Exit Scene, East Enders Analysis, Hollyoaks Captured

In a recent soap photo spoiler, we have witnessed a few moments which we are sharing with you all in the below section. 

  • In Coronation Street: Daniel Osbourne faces the anger of Max Turner.
  • Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle visited Liv Flaherty and tells her that he no longer believes he can support her.
  • EastEnders: Stuart Highway seeks help from Sonia Fowler after getting a tragic diagnosis.
  • Hollyoaks: Becky Quentin finds herself in legal trouble.

We have got all the latest soap information and updates, including a list of must-see moments from next week’s episodes of your favorite serial dramas along with their character so, read further so that you do not miss any latest updates on this.

Coronation Street

In the photos, it is being shown that Daisy’s slim waist is appreciated by Amy and Asha. Summer puts her lunch on the table. Summer shakes slightly when she admits to skipping meals, but Daniel grabs her arm and holds it steady before placing an energy bar into her bag.

Max records the deed on film and accuses Daniel of abusing his authority over Summer. 

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Summer is pulled aside by Daniel, who informs her of Max’s claims. Summer is embarrassed and swears to correct him. Summer, on the other hand, has no idea that she will be released when she rejects Max.

Summer assures Billy and Paul that Daniel is completely innocent in the wake of recent events. Mrs. Crawshaw conducts interviews with Max and Daniel to learn the truth. 

Summer’s suitcase contains a DVD and a poem, which Max shows her, while Daniel tells her that he has never behaved improperly with a student. When she tells Paul about how she and Daniel had an emotional connection but he could not act on it because of his position.

Curtis wants to train for the Three Peaks challenge to raise money for Oliver’s fund, but Emma worries about his health and offers to accompany him. But there is more to it than meets the eye, as the trainee doc quits the challenge and meets with a charity worker at the golf club to discuss his problem.


In this, we have noticed Ben’s death where Aaron struggles to find the strength to defend Liv in court. He arrives at the same moment as Belle, Sam, and Vinny outside the court, but explains that he needs some time to collect his ideas.

coronation street
coronation street

When Aaron pays her a visit in the courtroom then he is afraid that they may bring each other down, and he is struggling to maintain his calm. Liv is worried that this may be his final goodbye to her. Aaron informs her that he no longer has the strength to assist her after losing Ben.

Charles thanks Manpreet for her assistance with Ethan, and they remember about happier times. Charles pulls away as Manpreet leans in for a kiss.

He tells Manpreet that this is not the proper moment for them, and she realizes that he is correct. She apologizes and runs away. Charles, on the other hand, returns her call and admits that he has never stopped loving her. Dawn is jealous when Billy invites Meena away for a day to cheer her up.


In the EastEnders photos, we have witnessed that Kim faces Phil, telling him she knows everything about how he threatened Howie and that Vincent is no longer alive. Meanwhile, Phil reveals to Kat that he did not murder Vincent.

Kat urges him to tell Kim everything, and he does but advises her not to say anything since Aidan might get involved and make things worse.

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Kim is in for yet another surprise when she sees Pearl’s school invoice and links the dots. Denise is questioned by her, and she asks if she was aware of Vincent’s death the entire time.

Denise finally comes clean and admits the truth, leaving Kim horrified! Stuart is acting differently as he receives a text from his doctor confirming his appointment. 

Stuart later visits the doctor’s office and he finds the truth. After a night of heavy drinking at The Vic, Sonia decides to drive him home. She offers him support as he tells her everything until he breaks. When a customer tells Jay about selling stolen cars and threatens police involvement, Jay is shocked.

He confronts Janine about the stolen cars, threatening to contact the cops, but Janine makes it clear that all the fake documents include his name.


In the Hollyoaks photos, we have witnessed that Zara decides to resist the Christmas light switch on because she is worried about pollution. Zara, on the other hand, is not so keen, given her feelings for Becky. 

The protest starts and Becky decides to take action, turning to do self-harm that leads her into serious trouble. When Ollie finds out about his new friend’s situation, he rushes to her assistance. But he ignores looking after Luke’s father.

Ollie has been branded Becky’s “hero,” but Luke has left without a trace. Damon is asked by Sienna about his absence around the house after a night out with Scott. 4

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