Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad and What Does She do?

‘Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad’ is a news-making headline. Why? It is because Juan Lopex is not her biological father. Therefore, now the fans are wondering Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad. Jenicka Rivera, the daughter of Jenni Rivera, has known for a year now that her father is not Juan Lopez. Contrary to what she had been led to believe for the entirety of her life until that point.

Jenicka López revealed that her biological father, Juan López, was not her father ten years after the passing of Jenni Rivera. And the Diva de la Banda kept this information to herself until the day she died, which is why she decided to look into the question of whose daughter she was.

Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad?

Who is Jenicka Lopez Dad and What Does She do
Who is Jenicka Lopez Dad and What Does She do

Jenicka, the youngest of Jenni Rivera’s daughters, just started a podcast in which she talks about how difficult it was to confront the fact that her mother had lied to her about her family tree.

It was previously believed that Mariposa de Barrio’s lead singer had Chiquis, Jacqie, and Michael with her first husband, José Trinidad Marn and that Jenicka and Johnny were the products of her marriage to Juan López. Some of Jenni’s close friends and family knew the news, but nobody was willing to tell Jenicka the truth about her biological father.

The young lady explained that conducting a DNA test to learn more about her family history had been floating around her for quite some time. However, when she compared her findings to those of her brother Johnny, she discovered a discrepancy between the two data sets.

The Controversy Surrounding Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad?

Chiquis Rivera planned to visit the Philippines to meet her boyfriend’s relatives. Having been together for over a year, Jenni Rivera’s daughter and the photographer have discussed marriage. Since Jenicka had always assumed that Juan López was her biological father, she initially tried to ignore the controversy regarding Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad. \

However, she eventually admitted that there was a family myth that one of Jenni’s children wasn’t the father she claimed. This heightened Jenicka’s awareness of how she differs from her siblings. Such as their extroversion and introversion. Or that she has always felt emotionally distant from them.

She and Johnny thought they were related because they had the same father and mother, so they decided to get their DNA tested to find out for sure. But unfortunately, the results showed that their connection is only through their mothers.

The public has been made aware by Jenicka Rivera, the daughter of Jennifer Rivera, that Juan Lopez is not her biological father.

Jenicka was taken aback when she learned that Juan Lopez was not her biological father. She had no idea who her biological father was, so the news came as a complete surprise to her, and she did not know what to do in response to it.

Until that point, Jenni’s youngest daughter had devoted her life to uncovering the secrets of her family tree by conducting interviews with whoever she could get her hands on and drawing inspiration from the responses she received. 

She could not locate her biological father with the assistance of her family, even though they provided her with some potential leads (for example, they told her who the boyfriends of her mother from the band were). 

Why Does Jenicka’s Mother decide To Hide? Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad?

Later on, Jenicka learned that when her mother was pregnant with Jenicka, she prayed that she would look just like her so that Juan would know without a doubt that Jenicka was his daughter. It indicates that her mother wanted to hide Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad. The young woman also found out that her mother had written in a notebook that she wished she could tell her the truth about who her father was but was unable to do so for various reasons. What could have kept her quiet regarding the Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad? 

Jenicka did not wish to disclose the identity of her father for reasons of privacy. Both for herself and her father and Jenni Rivera. However, she did mention that he is from Puerto Rico and was unaware they had a daughter.

Jenicka now comprehends the reasoning behind Jenni Rivera’s decision to withhold this information from her and acknowledges that her feelings toward Jenicka’s mother have not altered, even though this information has caused Jenicka emotional distress and a great deal of insecurity. No one knows Who is Jenicka Lopez’s Dad. We will have to wait for answers. 


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