Waffler69 Cause of Death: TikTok Star Waffler69 Known For Eating Unusual Food Dies Aged 33

Waffler69 Cause of Death: The famous TikTok star, Waffler69’s cause of death was revealed to the media after his brother Clayton announced the sad news. Taylor Claydorm, who used to go by the social media name Waffler69 or Wafffler69, has become one the best creators who were famous for his nostalgic food eating and trying out bizarre foods. The social media star has become one of the biggest food influencers. He connected with his set of audiences well, which helped him be relatable on the internet. The TikTok star used to review and compare foods of many different restaurants, which made him a trustworthy source for the fans.

TikTok Star Waffler69 Known For Eating Unusual Food Dies Aged 33
TikTok Star Waffler69 Known For Eating Unusual Food Dies Aged 33

But the devastating news of his death was not something the fans ever thought about. The curiosity surrounding the information was increasing, and Waffler69’s cause of death became one of the most searched topics in the term. He won the fans’ love, and it is evident that his works were famous throughout the community. So, why did the famous TikTok star die so early?

Waffler69 Cause of Death By Brother Clayton

Waffler69’s cause of death is presumed to be a heart attack. The TikTok star died on 11th January 2023 Wednesday at the age of 33, at 10 p.m. Taylor initially started feeling discomfort, and he immediately dialed call to his mother. However, things went out of hand soon enough, and Taylor decided to call an ambulance. Medics arrived, and he was rushed to a hospital near his Louisiana house. However, he couldn’t fight anymore, and the TikTok star sadly died at the hospital. It was a dark day for the family who had lost their loved one.

Following the death, Clayton announced the news on his TikTok video to share it with his fandom. Though many are blaming his eating habits for this, the truth is that the heart problem was genetic. Taylor’s father and grandfather suffered from similar heart problems, and his death is the same. With Waffler69’s cause of death creating so much buzz, he clarified the assumptions and rumors.

Clayton has started a GoFundMe to gather money for his late brother’s funeral. The heartbroken brother explained that his mother had already paid $1500 for the embaling. He doesn’t know how much they need to carry out his funeral, but he requests fans they can contribute a bit since this will help his family members. Besides, his main motive is to keep his brother’s legacy, and he insists his fans keep re-watching the videos. Since Taylor’s main intention was to spread happiness amongst people, his brother wanted his fans to do the same.

Who Was Taylor Claydorm, aka Waffler69’s?

Soon after Waffler69’s cause of death, fans revisit his account to check out his content. Taylor’s last video was on 11th January 2023. He recorded himself eating a giant piece of the delicious fruit loops. He dipped the coil in the milk and then proceeded to eat it. Little did he know that it would be his very last video. The TikTok video has now got 1 million views. This video was an apology to fans who weren’t happy when Taylor ate a fruit loop without milk in his other video. So, he made sure to listen to his fans and do as they said.

Taylor usually ate weird foods, a vast amount of fast food, and unique combinations that no one had ever heard of. He placed his meals on top of the VHS tapes to make the extra video nostalgic. The late TikTok star had 1.7 million followers and as many as 32. 8 million likes throughout all his videos. Some fans have often been worried when he ate expired foods and the licensed cereal of Tim Burton’s Batman movie. On the other hand, he consumed the promotional cereal from 1991 for the film Addams Family.

Moreover, the strange eating habits also included canned cheeseburgers, octopus spaghetti, clams, and more. Waffler69’s cause of death indeed did have a connection with his unusual eating habits. Even though heart problems were in his genes, the food items did have a massive impact on his health.

The fans have learned about Waffler69’s cause of death and are praying for his soul to rest in peace. We pray that his family gets all the strength during these difficult times. Our condolences are with them!


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