Tragic Death of Whitney Houston: Attempted to Overcome Her Drug Habit Before Her Death!  

With the release of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” the tragic death of Whitney Houston is again in the news. The musical legend Whitney Houston was the signing prodigy that changed the music industry. It has been over a decade since the icon died, but her singing imprint on fans’ minds keeps her always alive in our memories. Although officials did share a report about the cause of her death, there are more details to that situation. The heartbroken fans always tried to find the valid reason behind her drowning. Many even wondered if her constant battle with addiction led to this tragedy.

After years of speculation, Clive Davis has shared the secrets fans have eagerly awaited. The singer did live a life of fame, but a dark side pulled the singer down from her glory. So, was it the drugs that caused the tragic death of Whitney Houston? The truth is here!

Tragic Death of Whitney Houston Attempted to Overcome Her Drug Habit Before Her Death
Tragic Death of Whitney Houston Attempted to Overcome Her Drug Habit Before Her Death

Tragic Death of Whitney Houston Happened Even After The Singer’s “Valiant Attempt” To Give Up Addiction

Producer Clive Davis said that the 2012 tragic death of Whitney Houston occurred while she was trying to overcome drug, smoking, and alcohol addiction. The award-winning producer spotted and signed the singer to her famous record deal when she was 20. Davis knew close details about her life, and in a recent interview with Page Six, he shared some untold truths about Whitney. According to the producer, Whitney struggled and tried to win over her drug addiction all her life. She has been working hard to get sober. Davis was even with Whitney 48 hours before the singer was announced dead. 

The 90-year-old record producer disclosed specific behind-the-scenes conversations. He stated that Whitney was showing progress after her time in rehab and gave up on smoking.

To mark his words, ‘She was making a valiant attempt during that period to give up drugs and rehabilitate herself.’

Davis was with Whitney throughout her career span. He was one of the significant strengths of the singer who even didn’t care about his reputation to stand by Whitney. Thus, upon her sudden death, he tried his best to maintain the privacy of the icon’s life. Now after, a decade after the tragic death of Whitney Houston, he opened up when the biopic of Whitney, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” has released. So, fans now know that Houston was trying to give up on her addiction, but fate planned something else for her. 

When and How Did Whitney Houston Die?

Whitney Houston passed away on 11th February 2012 at 3.55 p.m. Sadly, she was found dead, face down, in the bathtub of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California. She was only 48 years old at the time of the tragic death of Whitney Houston. The singer was quite fine before her death since she even talked to Cissy Houston, her mother, at 3.15 p.m. However, in a matter of only 30 minutes, things changed. The assistant to Whitney was the first to see her lying unresponsive in the hotel’s bathtub. She went on to call hotel security. 

Things were speeding up, and in two minutes, there were police officers present in the late singer’s hotel room. The attendees tried everything, including CPR, but the officials pronounced her dead at 3.55 p.m. It was such a shock for the entire world since this was not something anyone could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

The singer was due to perform at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards party later that night. She was in the hotel to get all glammed up for the party. She met Monica and Brandy two days before the incidents and was seen practicing for the upcoming big event.

After analysis, the official reports ruled it as an accident. The reports claim the singer died due to drowning, which happened because of a heart attack. Fans thought drugs were involved, but the initial report revealed that no drugs were found in her system. But later, traces of cocaine were seen in the reports, which clarified that she was under the influence of drugs. The tragic death of Whitney Houston led to many more investigations in the future.

Final Words

The new biopic will share more about the life of Whitney. Her rise in career, downfall, addiction issues, and of course, the tragic death of Whitney Houston. It will be an emotional homage to the long-lost star. Whatever the reason is, the world lost a soulful singer, and there will be no one like Whitney Houston!



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