Top Social Media Design Trends in 2022

Usually, design trends do not change too fast. Sometimes, individual trends remain popular for years or even decades, becoming classics. However, innovative thinkers throughout the globe never cease developing fresh concepts. Planting the seeds for the emergence of fresh design fads, and coming up with new trends in web design for 2022. The new trends basically consist of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Animation
  • Wild West

One such design is animation, so you can make animation on VistaCreate for free. You can try and make your social media feed look stunning.

Top Social Media Design Trends in 2022
Top Social Media Design Trends in 2022

Motion Animation

Today, people spend a lot of time on their smartphones – scroll through the sites on the phone while traveling in the subway home, order dinner through the application, place ads, etc. Your customer faces with an increasing number of motion designs in the interfaces. Business tools must reflect current design trends if customers are to spend more time online, and you, as a brand or organization, must ensure that their experience is simple, fun, and clear.

Every year, websites, applications, and social networks used less often the static graphics. Motion animation better reveals complex ideas and concepts, turning data into a simple and understandable form. In addition, it more effectively draws your customer’s attention to the company’s product. To get more loyal consumers, do not miss the opportunity to use animated videos and reveal your benefits to the customer.

Note that motion design trends affect even packaging. Currently, QR codes uses the virtual reality when reading . It is interesting, modern, and interactive.

The brand’s design is like a dancer’s choreography, unique to each company, and identifies the personal nature of communication with the consumer.

More Aesthetics in Design

Most people’s priorities altered after 2020. This sparked the changes in design. The “culture of fuss and material goods” was rejected. The emphasis now is on looking for yourself and establishing your personal priorities.

Graphic design trends offer to use of more aesthetics, updated minimalism, and purity. There will be an increase in the number of businesses with cheery images and messaging, reflecting warm, gentle color schemes and upbeat phrases.

Apple, which has long employed neutral and subdued color schemes in its marketing materials, is largely credited with starting this trend.

In 2022, an increasing number of businesses will reject superfluous features from their graphic designs in favor of visual effects that incorporate color and conventional simplicity.
Additionally, Google is giving up Material Design, which uses a color scheme that is softer, unsaturated, and subdued. The new interfaces built on Android 12 will serve as a model for redesigning other online services, applications, and websites globally.

Fresh Wild West

The antithesis of aesthetics, which is quickly gaining root in the realm of graphic design, will undergo a dramatic transition in 2022.

This style’s excellent application is distinguished by vibrant and invigorating chaos. The use of geometric shapes with angular edges, the performance of fonts, and online artifacts.
As you can see, there are several trends in graphic design. Each business decides on the visual approach that best matches its brand’s tone of voice, target audience expectations, and demographics (consumers of the product or service).


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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