Who is Tia Blanco: Is She in a Relationship With Brody Jenner?

Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco find themselves staring at a blank page as they get ready to become parents. The couple made the happy announcement on January 1 that they expect their first child. The former star of The Hills: New Beginnings is a surfer. In addition to the note, the couple attached a video from a recent trip to the doctor in which they could listen to their unborn child’s heartbeat for the first time.


Brody, 39, and Tia Blanco, 25, received an outpouring of support from their fans, friends, and family after they announced their pregnancy. The reality star

Who is Tia Blanco Is She in a Relationship With Brody Jenner
Who is Tia Blanco Is She in a Relationship With Brody Jenner

‘s mother, Linda Thompson, was among those who reached out to express their congratulations. About seven months after the couple announced their romance with a cute photo on social media, they announced their pregnancy. Brody previously dated Hills: New Beginnings co-star Kaitlyn Carter, who is expecting her second child with Kristopher Brock.

How long have Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco been dating?

In May, Brody, 39, and Tia Blanco, 25, were captured on camera for the first time as a couple while they were shopping for groceries at Erewhon Market in Calabasas, California. The couple appeared to have a good time together as they exited the organic grocery store carrying coffee and food to go. Both of them were dressed in casual clothing. 

Even though they didn’t start dating until April this year, they didn’t post their first official photo together on Instagram until May. 

Before the whirlwind romance, Brody had not been in a committed relationship for almost three years. He had been dating his ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn Carter, with whom he had a long-term relationship before their breakup in 2014. Reality stars Tristan and Kaitlynn tied the knot in an unofficial ceremony in Bali in 2018, two years after Tristan proposed to Kaitlynn in 2016; the couple was never legally married in the United States. In 2019, they ended their relationship, and shortly after that, Kaitlynn began dating Miley Cyrus, but their relationship did not last long.

Kaitlynn is currently in a relationship with fashion designer Kristopher Brock, and the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Rowan, in September of 2021. 

Where and when did Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco first cross paths?

Fans are yet to learn how Brody and Tia Blanco, whose full name is Tiarah, first came into contact with one another. However, the couple reportedly met while Brody was on vacation in Hawaii. The two individuals surfed together, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Who Is Tia Blanco?

Tia Blanco has made a career out of surfing. She started surfing at age three and won the 2015 and 2016 International Surfing Association Open Women’s World Surfing Championships. She’s also placed in the top 50 female surfers in the world by the World Surf League. 

Tia has been an outspoken supporter of the vegan lifestyle since 2013. Tia regularly posts recipes and tips for healthy living, including yoga and organic cooking, on her Instagram account, where she has over 500,000 followers.

In 2018, Tia Blanco and her sister Aja launched an animal-friendly, plant-based skincare line under Dear Self. In addition, she was a brand ambassador in the early stages of development for the plant-based food company Beyond Meat, and she made an appearance on the MTV show The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros.

From where does Tia hail?

A native of Puerto Rico, Tia was born there. However, since her father served in the military, Tia’s family frequently relocated throughout her childhood (once every three years, to be exact). But thanks to her father’s service in the coast guard, she never had to go far to find waves to ride. As a result, she and her family ended up in San Clemente, California, a central surfing hub in the United States. 

Tia was currently dividing her time between the islands of Hawaii and the state of California. As Brody currently resides in Malibu, it is unclear if she will establish permanent West Coast roots during her first pregnancy.

A Look At Jenner’s Relationships

He has been linked to numerous celebrities, including Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Jayde Nicole, Josie Canseco, and Avril Lavigne. Jenner previously married Kaitlynn Carter in 2018Unfortunately for fans, it was revealed in August 2019 that the reality stars had never been legally married when they announced their split.

Wrap Up

Finally, the former star of “The Hills: New Beginnings” has reached a satisfying point in his life. Despite his troubled past in relationships and uneasy family dynamics, it’s clear that Brody has a lot of people rooting for him as he embarks on his journey as a father. Brody and Tia have always seemed to have a lot of chemistry. So, the arrival of their first child has them both over the moon. What has happened to Brody up until this point has led him directly to his destiny. Many people are eagerly anticipating the couple’s new addition to the family.

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