The Head Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and New Actors

 The Head season 2 got much more enjoyable with a new set of actors making an introduction this season. This Spanish/Japanese psychological thriller plans to show a ‘deeper and darker’ of the characters to enhance the element of drama. Jorge Dorado, the director of the series, is mainly focusing on real-time suspense rather than relying on flashbacks. It is one such that will keep you on the edge of your couch until the mystery is fully solved. With season 1 giving a shocking revelation, worldwide fans are curious to delve into the high-tension beginnings of the next season.

Season 2 got a renewal, and it was evident that The Mediapro Studio, along with Hulu Japan, will have a whole new approach to the show. But what was the reason behind having a new bunch of actors? You do not have to keep searching for answers since we have shared all details you must know about The Head season 2.

The Head Season 2 Release Date Cast Plot and New Actors
The Head Season 2 Release Date Cast Plot and New Actors

The Head Season 2 Release Date

 The Head season 2 will premiere on HBO Max on 22nd December 2022 in Spain and America. On the other hand, the first season will be released in Spain via Orange on 1st November 2022 to prepare you for the next crazy ride. Initially, the show debuted in August 2020 but only after acquiring the rights did HBO Max get to release the series. To level up the viewing experience, the second season will be airing marathon style. It will be a visual treat for the fans.

The Head Season 2 Storyline

 With season 2, we will see the only two survivors who were lucky enough to save their lives in Season 1 having a comeback. And it is none other than Wide and Mitchell. In season 1, director Jorge didn’t want to disrupt the cinematic visuals. Thus, it was shot partially on an actual 150 meters cargo freighter in Tenerife. The lead characters will begin their journey on a scientific cargo ship which is a laboratory.  

However, in The Head season 2, the fans will travel to the South Pole along with the characters. The scientists, better known as the Winterers, are conducting their research at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station, and biologist Arthur Wilde is again leading the team. Since it is winter at the South Pole, the work needs to be done in absolute darkness for the next six months. 

But when Johan Berg comes to the station during spring, he finds the entire squad dead, and some have gone missing. Most importantly, there is also no trace of Johan’s wife, Annika, and the murderer is also roaming freely. The only way Johan could bring back his wife to safety is to trust Maggie. The young doctor is the sole survivor of the massacre, and things are getting dark and chaotic. So where will the mystery take the viewers? 

Who Are The New Actors of The Head Season 2?

Before the revelation, let us clarify why new actors made it to The Head season 2. Well, as we know, in season one, all the characters died, and only two survivors remained. Thus, bringing back the cast members already dead in the show was impossible. Now that being said, the new actors who are welcomed in The Head season 2 are:

Hovik Keuchkerian

This Spanish actor got hugely popular for his role as Bogotá in the hit series Money Heist. He will be joining The Head season 2 as Alexandria.

Moe Dunford 

You may recognize him from the series Vikings. The Irish actor will be the head security of the ship this season.

Josefin Nelfdén

 After enjoying his peak of success by starring in The Restaurant, Josefin is a part of the second season of The Head for an unknown character.

Olivia Morris

The British beauty will play Wilde’s daughter to add emotional value to the show. She was previously in Hotel Portofino, which got her critical acclaim.

Other cast members of The Head season 2 are Enrique Arce, Nora Ríos, Sota Fukushi, and Thierry Godard. Though the characters are yet to be decided, their entry is confirmed.

Final Words

Everyone enjoys a chilling plotline and The Head season 2 precisely tries to deliver an unforgettable experience for its viewers. With the show ready to hit the screens, fans are hoping for the renewal of another season. Well, season 3 is not currently under talks, so enjoy the second season.



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