T-Mobile And Halo Team Up To Launch 5G Semi-AV Taxi Service

2021 has been the year of automobiles as cars are becoming more and more advanced. First, we saw flying cars complete inter-city flights, and now, driverless cars are currently being produced. Several companies are researching and producing self-driving cars, including the popular start-up Halo. Which has teamed up with T-Mobile to launch a 5G Semi AV Taxi Service. We’ve mentioned all the details about this sensational new service launched by Halo down below. 

What is Halo’s 5G Semi-AV Taxi Service?

Halo is one of the first companies to team up with T-Mobile, a German telecommunication company creating the fastest, largest, and most reliable 5G network for America. It will use this 5G network along with other networks to launch self-driving taxis. The idea behind these driverless cars is quite simple; customers will use an app to order themselves a self-driving taxi delivered to their location. Then, the customers will get behind the wheel and drive the car to their destination. After dropping customers off, the taxi will leave to pick up its next customer under remote control. 

Currently, Halo is conducting test drives in the presence of safety drivers to make sure that all issues and problems are found and resolved. These drivers obviously won’t be present when the company launches the service for paying customers. Basically, the masterminds behind the company want to ensure that autonomous vehicles have Aerospace-grade safety with no room for errors. This mindset is going to be the reason behind Halo’s success as they are prioritizing customer safety. 

Once Halo launches, its specialized team of remote pilots will monitor the car as they will see what the car sees and does in real-time. This is possible due to the use of 5G and will further enhance the safety and security of the service. 

Where will this taxi service be available? 

Halo has officially announced that It will be launching the service in only urban parts of Las Vegas, a city in Nevada, towards the end of 2021. Of course, with time, more areas of the city will be covered, and eventually, the service will be launched in other cities and countries. 

5G Semi-AV Taxi Service

Benefits of Driverless Taxis

Halo’s 5G Semi-AV Taxi Service will solve the first and foremost issue of finding public parking. We’ve all been stuck searching for parking for over an hour several times. And this service will help save so much of our time! Furthermore, the service will increase road safety as it will eliminate the risk of road accidents caused by drivers (94 percent of accidents are caused due driver errors). These electric self-driving cars will also help decrease global warming as they don’t use a lot of fuel. Decreased vehicle emissions and fuel costs are two more advantages of these cars. 

Other Self Driving Cars

Driverless and autonomous vehicles are being studied and produced by several companies, including Lyft, a taxi service, and Motional, an American driverless car company. However, Halo is superior to both of them. Its service has an Advanced Safe Stop mechanism that will immediately bring the car to a halt upon detecting even the slightest hazard or error. 


It will probably take a few more years for self-driving car services to become available worldwide. Because companies are still working on solving real-world problems and building public confidence. Passenger safety, along with the safety of other people on roads, is of utmost importance and something that can’t be compromised. All in all, we can’t wait to get in a self-driving car ourselves and enjoy this unique experience.


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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