Sports and Recreation Expected to Reopen: COVID-19 Still in Play

The risk of COVID-19 pandemic has not cleared off yet, and returning to sports activities amid such a danger can prove to be a wrong choice. The economy and most industrial sectors may have returned to being normal, most businesses may have restarted and normalized, but the question arising is whether reopening sports and recreation clubs and activities is safe during this vulnerable time.

Undoubtedly, the limitation of exposure through public gatherings and unauthorized teaming must be maintained. But, restrictions imposed on the sports and recreation organizations are resulting in loss and ultimate declination in revenue generation. So where sports and recreation need to be opened and eased, proper guidelines and risk management steps must be set in a way that benefits against risk are balanced.

Sports and Recreation Expected to Reopen

To minimize the dissemination of COVID-19, ensure the health of the general public and Members, and to mitigate occupiers’ liability, all organizations and managers should define specific policies or “best practices.” Organizations must undertake training and educating the staff, managers, coach, volunteers and players before restarting sports and recreation clubs.

The process of reopening sports clubs and organizations amid COVID-19 can face a lot of legal claims and accusations in future. To remain clear of such allegations and complications and to enforce consistency with health monitoring guidelines, the documentation for cleaning and hygienic safeguards will be a top requirement that helps to minimize possible future accusations.  If you reopen your association, club or corporation amid COVID-19 ensure that you keep track of who is testifying the signature.

You do not want to compromise on health and care of your members and staff, so don’t forget to hire professional assistance for reopening your operations. Professionals would take into account all hazards and hurdles relevant to your purpose and ensure health safety. Also, do not start your operations without ensuring that you have in place proper insurance and what it covers; your insurance must cover important claims and activities as per your purpose.

Understand whether you should be using or revising exemptions, compensation arrangements, or commitments during COVID-19 within your organization, club or corporation. Take into account the use of appealing signboards and guidelines for cleanliness and sanitation.  Bear in mind that exemptions refer to staff, vendors, clients and volunteers individually.

To keep in mind the crucial guidelines in lesser words, refer the below-mentioned points-to-remember and take them away:

  • Check whether the Government has passed separate guidelines or orders.
  • Check whether all visitors have complied with hygiene protocols.
  • Review all permits and agreements by or with your organization
  • Privacy concerns for employees and members must be complied with and kept track of.
  • Best practices must be enforced appropriately; easy to implement and execute.
  • Properly use and make your employees use appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) as necessary.
  • Ensure that you have proper screening and testing tools in place

Ultimately, one must understand that COVID-19 danger has not yet freed us from risk, so to maintain hygiene and safety, some lifestyle and social, behavioural habits will have to be monitored.


Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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